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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Here!! Beach Party and Freebie!!

Do you have jet lag from your flight? The beach in Portugal is gorgeous!! But I'm glad you decided to come to the beautiful Island of Jamaica!! I thought a nice evening stroll along the beach here at the Royal DeCameron in Runaway Bay would be relaxing. If we just walk a little further down, to that large hut on the water, we can go sip some exotic drinks at the swing bar and watch the sun set over the ocean. There's nothing more beautiful than a Jamaican sunset (ok the sunrise is pretty amazing too). Just click on these words to get your party favour from me: jaye in Jamaica

Glad you came to visit! I'll take you to your plane where you can go visit Ale in Cancun.

But before you go, I want to show you something that I'm really excited about! Franziska has a new collab called April Showers with Irene Alexeeva that is just wonderful. Check this out!! Yep there is word art available for this awesome kit by none other than yours truly!! Is that just wild? I think so too. The kit and wordart is on sale right now so go check it out. The images are linked...............and of course I have a layout to show you :)

My goal is to be back tomorrow with a post about some news and hopefully a new template or something for you. Have a great one!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Teri!

I am a little late in posting this, but I want to wish a wonderful friend Teri a very happy birthday. I hope your day was filled with joy and happiness. I did wish her a happy birthday on her birthday which by the time you are reading this was yesterday, lol.

Well it's up and running and hopping away!! What's that? I know you're asking. This incredible new site to hang out at, DigiScrapAddicts. Already have chances to win great kits from designers, happy fun chatter going on in the forums, gorgeous layouts filling the gallery and the 'official' opening isn't until April 1!

Come on over and enjoy the fun!!

I'm hoping to have another freebie posted for you tomorrow. Do you need the PNG files? I'm asking because that is what takes me sooooo long, saving each individual file, lol. If not needed then I can go a lot quicker!!

Have a wonderful day!! Signing out, jaye

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awesome New Site, Sales and New Things

OK, I have been dying to share this news and I finally can!!! There is a new most wonderful awesome site that will be opening up soon, Digiscrap Addicts. Well you can go register now and start participating in the fun. Here are a few of the neat things available; an open gallery for your layouts, a forum with place to chat, a place to search for things, designer give aways, place for designers to post CT calls.............and there will be soooo much more. Get registered now so you're all ready for the big plans for the 'official' grand opening on April 1. Who is involved in this site? Well it's another venture by the Fantastic group over at Scrap Orchard. Yep Kami, Mel, Shauna and Bren decided to offer another place for us to hang out at.

Plus if you register now, and then go here, you can throw your name in to win a GC for $10 to SO. Plus there will be other goodies, I heard that Bren is going to offer the fabulous alpha she made for the site heading as a freebie. I'm just not sure about the when so keep an eye out.

While I'm gushing about my girls, did you get on the designer blog train and grab this amazing kit? If not the links are still up so go get it, it's well worth your while. Start at Shauna's blog and make your way around.

OK, signing off for now, have a great day!! Don't forget to visit Digiscrap Addicts it will be well worth your time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Freebie template plus a blog train Orchard style

I know, I know, I actually have 1 person who follows my blog and I can't get my butt in gear to come and update it. I would say that one of my goals is to keep this updated but that won't happen. I have so much going on that I would only end up disappointing myself and obsessing over this as well, lol.

If you take a peek I did finally update my slide and have my March layouts posted :) almost in time to start Aprils!
I am so itching for the warmer weather. Tired of pulling out the winter coat and the like. Although I have gained a bunch of weight and am depressed just thinking of my spring and summer clothes.......................I would say chocolate would cure those feelings but I think that's what got me into this mess to begin with, lol.

The warmer weather means I can open that fancy little moon roof in my "Beaner". What's that you say? What the heck is a Beaner? Well it's the name of my Jeep, as my license plate letters are 'BENR' and I made the comment of "Beaner" and it just stuck. Instead of saying 'get in the jeep' I say 'go jump into Beaner.' Strange I know but that's me :D
Scrapping News!!
Wow do I have some news for you!! The Orchard girls have done it again. Not only do they have awesome goodies for you every Friday with their Fresh Fruit but from March 17-19 some of them are having a BOGO sale!!!! That's Buy One Get One Free for 2 days! It gets better...........can you handle it? There is going to be a special blog train of a few of the designers where you can pick up pieces of a wonderful kit. I saw the preview and can't wait to hop on the train and snag it for myself. Here's a sneak peek though.........

The blog train should start at 12:00 CST Monday (not sure what the time difference with me is, lol) so you may want to hop on over and get started.

I'll get you started with the links for 2 of the blogs and then just follow along.

Hmmm, what else do I have to share? Oh yeah, I have a freebie for you too!! Thanks for reading all that, but I did hook you up with a great deal and the way to a great free kit so it was worth it.
Download here

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hockey season is now over

Well the B~man had his semi final game today. They played well but just couldn't get the puck to bounce their way. Certainly not for lack of trying, I think Braeden led the team with shots poor guy just couldn't get it in. He and his linemates had some wonderful passes and setups too. They lost 3-1 with B~man scoring the only goal, think he finished the season with the most goals for his team. Today was bittersweet in another way as well, it was the last time he wore the jersey for his hockey center. He will be donning a new jersey next season due to the move. We finished out the season with the old one but next year he goes from being a 'Capital' to a 'Star'.
that's what it did all day today. Of course, it's the weekend, what else would it do? The temp was decent just the water falling from the sky kind of ruined the whole thing. I am so ready for winter to be over, shut off the furnace, open the windows and breathe fresh air...........ahhh so ready.
Of course I'm not ready for my 'warm weather' wardrobe. Kind of worried that things won't fit, I have gained so much weight since Christmas it's not even funny. What doesn't help is my body is in constant pain, achy and mainly in the joints.....................need to get off my butt and get moving. Hoping that nicer weather will inspire me to walk, especially now that I no longer live on a highway but a neighbourhood with sidewalks. Think the ex will give me the dog back so I have someone to walk with?
No freebie tonight but I am working on another template..........ok I have it mostly finished was just too lazy to make the preview and save the layers as PNG files as well :">
Wow, I blogged 2 nights in a row!! Could this be the start of something? I doubt it but it was worth a shot, lol.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

WoW WoW! Oh and a Freebie.

Before I get on with what my 'WoWs' were for I must share.

The B~man went to a dance tonight, all excited he was to go. I'm so glad to see him happy where we are and that he's taking an active interest in meeting kids from this community. It's going to be sad when he finally says goodbye his school and hockey club............I'm getting a lump in my throat just thinking about it.
I know kids are resilient and what I did Idid for the benefit of both of us. Just can't help second guessing myself, kwim? I am extremely lucky that he is such a good boy, easy going, friendly and according to his teacher he talks alot, lol.

On to my WoWs..........Franziska has been on a creative frenzy lately. First Vintage Flowers, then Garden Tea Party, collab with Shauna (Pineapple Plantation Designs) called Delicate Garden and then she pops up with this kit, Waiting for Spring.............oh my! Of course all are absolutely gorgeous!!

Speaking of the Pineapple Queen, if you hop over to her blog (linked up) you can get this freebie addon for Delicate Garden. Go back and visit her on Sunday and you'll also snag a fantastic CU overlay, pretty cool huh?

A little freebie from me, just a template that I've been meaning to put up. Hopefully I will get some more finished up so I can give them away. Maybe some wordart..........who knows, lol. YOu can click on the image to download or down below.
Download: here
Until next time................hopefully not as long.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Update, Previews, Blog Train and a Freebie!

I'm sad I know......so not good at this blog thing. Wish I could say I'd update more but we all know that won't happen lol.
Need to get this out...................some one has taken over my 11 year old!! I don't like what has replaced my sweet, kindhearted little boy. Well he's still there but so is a pouty, argumentative, snotty thing that sometimes takes over his body. Will this stop? Am I know officially on my way to dealing with a preteen? I hope not, I am so not ready for this, lol. I want to be the only drama queen in my house (of course if he read this he would be very offended about the 'queen' so I guess he would be a drama king......not the same ring to it though).
Mini rant over..........on to exciting things like the weather. It's trying to warm up here, the temp hit the low 50's and may hit 60 tomorrow!! Of course they are talking rain for the weekend, when else right?

Scrapping News!!
At Scrap Orchard the new challenges are up for the month of March. The appletini's (that's us) have a really fun challenge for the month. Each week we are posting 2 4 x 6 templates to help you create a brag book. The templates are free and if you miss a week that's ok because we are leaving all the links active until March 30 to give folks lots of time to play.
Shauna has a new collab out with Franziska called Delicate Garden (talk about making my CT duties easy, lol) that is so pretty with dried roses and wonderful textures, gorgeous colours......well I mean it's Shauna and Franziska.......gorgeous textured papers are a given.

Kami has two really neat alphas that will finish off any layout with ease. Definitely will go in the 'use a lot' folder with their versatility.

Sunshine Studio has their all new challenge thread hopping. New challenges, new points system and lots of fun. Make sure to check them out!

Freebie Quick Page!!
OK, now at the top I mentioned a blog train didn't I? Well Ziggle Designs and Polka Dot Plum had a kit called To The Nines. They have decided to retire this kit but wanted it to go out with a bang. As a result both CT's have created Quick Pages using this kit and all you have to do is visit each blog to collect your page. Pretty simple huh?
Either click on the image or the link below for my page.
Download here: http://www.box.net/shared/ov1enyly2r

Now after me you can head on over to Bec's blog http://www.becsnaps.blogspot.com/ to pick up her amazing page!! Just keep in mind many of us are in different parts of the world so a page may not be up right away.

Have fun!!! I hope I'll be back sooner as well...........