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Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Celebration, New Kit and a Freebie (or two)

I had these great intentions of a fun whitty post but alas I managed to get sidetracked and the fun whitty post is on someone else's blog, lol.

However I would like to share my day with the B~man on Saturday. After baseball we came home for him to change and then go shopping...........yep he has gotten this bug about going shopping. New running shoes were a necessity as his are dying so that was first on our list. That was painless, although I must say the options for boys is not as good as it is for girls. Next came the biggie, I knew he wanted to go to Aeropostale so bad, see the 'name brand' bug has just hit him. Old Navy and WalMart aren't all of it anymore I'm sad to say. So off we go........to the outlet store, lol. Pay dirt as they had buy one shirt and get one free so that easy and cheap enough. The shorts on the other hand, not so much but he needed some. Next it was American Eagle and again he found a shirt on sale for $14. 95, so to the cashier we go. I had a little boy who was grinning from ear to ear with his new clothes.

Now I'm not one to buy into this whole gotta have this label, but I'm also a realist and if I can get him a few items to make him happy then I'm going to do it. Not a whole wardrobe mind you but a few shirts and shorts is easy enough to do. We then had a gourment meal of Taco Bell, yep that was what he wanted. Home we went after a wonderful afternoon of shopping and being at 'the mall'.

It paid off too as when we got home he put all his clean clothes away (that had been in the laundrey basket for a week) and picked up his room. Wonder when the next BOGO sale at Aeropostale is going to be?

Thats right, the Sunshine Gang is celebrating their first birthday and it's going to be a week long event! There are challenges, events, prizes, new items in the store all kinds of fun stuff so make sure you head on over.
To help kick this celebration off I have a freebie for you. Click on the image or below.
Which you can download HERE

I am also hosting two challenges and you can pick up a freebie from the one and both have 'birthday presents' for you if you participate. So grab a party hat and come on over.

The Pineapple Queen has created another wonderful kit for you. Sweet Serenity has a wonderful colour palette that is easily used for masculine layouts with the blue and metal but has that hint of pink to very easily make it feminine as well. As always Fresh Fruit is 20% off for the first week and if you head on over to DSA you might be able to win it for free!!

That's it for tonight, hope to be back during the week to post some more. I really want to blog more often, summer is coming and I will hopefully have more time then :)

Hope to see you at my favourite haunts.