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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to work and some cool contests

Yep, summer is at an end for me I'm afraid. The last vestiges of staying up all night and sleeping all morning, eating whenever the mood strikes and 'doing' my hair means putting it up in a clip and off I go. School starts next week and I'm back in the building. I get bored mid summer and want to go back right then, but come end of August I decide there were things I didn't do and want to do now, lol.

I love fall though, the colours, the smell, weather, sweaters.........I am such a sweater freak, love them!!! Of course it also means the crock pot comes out for chili, soups, roasts........mmmmmm. Not right away of course as we'll still get really warm days in September. I guess I would have to say October is my favourite month then with all that I'm describing.

As I'm sure folks know, I'm a huge fan of Scrap Orchard and have been since day 1. Anyway they have two really cool contests going on right now that you can win some neat prizes, check them out and see if it's up your ally.
The first one is 'Follow Me' to the Orchard Promotion and it runs for the month of September. What do you have to do? Encourage people to join and make some posts in the forum, that easy!! Prizes? Well there are 3 GC's up for grabs at Scrap Orchard.
Next is 'Busiest Bee' Posting contest. This one is cool as everyone who enters will receive a 20% off coupon plus 3 random winners for GC's.
Pretty cool stuff huh?

Sunshine Studio Scraps has a really cool event going on as well. Go and check out Scrap Idol. Neat prizes for completing layouts etc. That's kind of why my freebies have been lacking, lol. I was very excited to participate in designing templates, Brag book pages, papers, and even a mini kit for it.......it was a lot of work but I enjoyed it.

Hopefully I will have something for this weekend to put up. I have a minikit that was on the Sun blog I was working on expanding and a matching alpha. Crossing my fingers I get it finished this weekend and posted here.

Have a good one and thanks for reading :)