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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantastic Vacation! New Freebie Template Also

Our vacation was so much fun! The weather in Orlando was glorious, warm and sunny every single day we were there.  The resort we stayed at was close to a Publix so I got us milk, juice, eggs, bread and cereal for breakfast and we of course ate elsewhere for lunch and dinner.  Matter of fact our first day there we went to Outback Steakhouse which was also across the street and dove into a nice juicy steak.  The Orlando Premium Outlet Mall was literally at our back door, as in we had a gate to walk over and just use our room key to let us back on resort property, so we hit that a couple of times to kill a few hours.  Yes I did do some shopping, I hit up the Coach outlet and bought my first every Coach purse(s)..........deals were incredible!  Got myself some Skeechers as well with a buy one get one half off.  That was my shopping spree done, lol.  The boy got himself some Vans, a couple hats and a pair of Skull Candy headphones that he just loves.  No touristy type 'souvenirs' for us.

Attractions?  Yep we did both Universal Parks, SeaWorld, Aquatica and a Pirate dinner and show.  As for Universal I bought a two day one park each day pass, word to the wise buy a one day two park pass.  Seriously we could have done both parks in one day, unless of course you want to wait hours and hours and hours for Harry Potter.  The Harry Potter part of the Islands of Adventure park was at capacity by 9:15 am and they were handing out times to come back.  So we lined up and got our time slot, with there only being two of us our time was only an hour and a half away.  Time to go investigate Harry Potter...................OH MY GOODNESS it was nuts there!  You could literally not move, people were lined up with an hour wait for butter beer.  We took a look around, attempted to walk to the back, found it difficult to move anywhere, looked at each other and got the heck out of there.  Ask me if it's great and I honestly can't tell you, neither of us wanted to stick around.  I ended up upgrading our tickets and we went back to Universal Studios where we went on the Simpsons Ride (best ride in the park) and the Mummy Returns (another fun one) again.  Honestly, Universal was fun but if I were to go back I'd just do one day and stick with Universal Studios, not go to Islands of Adventure.
SeaWorld/Aquatica----a blast!!! I bought the combo ticket which allowed us entry to both parks and it was good for 13 days after first use.  In other words we could go as many times as we wanted.  This was perfect!  Spur of the moment one afternoon we went to SeaWorld for a few hours and visited some of the exhibits.  I bought the $10 ticket that allowed us to feed Sea Lions, Sea Rays and the little Sharks rather than the $5 for each one.  The shark exhibit is so cool as you walk through a tube with huge sharks swimming overhead.  Of course a trip to the Penguin Emporium was on the list. I could have stayed all night and just watched them play.
Next day was Aquatica, SeaWorld's water park.  I want to say that I went on every ride!  Some were two person and others solo. B~man and I laughed and laughed the whole day.  Our favourite was Roa's Rapids where you just go in and let the current take you around, and there is a good speed going on as well.  We opted to wear the life jackets so you just lifted your feet and off you went.  Think we spent hours there and probably where we got our sunburns.  A definite must go to again for us. We headed back to SeaWorld for a couple hours to see some of the exhibits we didn't get to the afternoon before. Ticket has already paid for itself at this point.
Another visit to Aquatica and more fun in the water for us.  We both decided that rather than a pool something like Roa's Rapids would be cool to have in your backyard as we again spent hours zooming and floating around in there.  Later in the afternoon after becoming waterlogged we again hopped on the SeaWorld shuttle bus and back over to that park.  This time we went just for the shows, but we only wanted to see the dolphin one and  Shamu.  B~man was amazed at the dolphins and laughed as Shamu and the other Killer Whales splashed the folks in the splash zone.  We also had some fun paddling pink flamingo paddle boat around.
The Pirate dinner and show was a good time.  It is expensive though but you are paying for the show more than the meal for sure.  We were in the red section and our pirate's name was Jack.  A large group of high school students were also in our section so we definitely had enthusiasm for our pirate on our side.  There was singing, dancing, acrobatics, 'fighting' and audience participation for about two hours.
All in all........................a FANTASTIC week.  Now it's back to work and we were greeted with cold weather, rain and possible snow flurries :(.  Would love to go back next year but not sure if I can do it, going to see if I can somehow budget for it.

On to the template!  Here you go and hope you enjoy it :)

You can download it here: A Little Off

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vacation has begun!

First some bad news though :(  Took B~Man in to the dr. today for her opinion on the shoulder.  Official word, he is done for the rest of the season.  We will be cheering very loudly from the stands at the last 5 games and hoping the boys pull it off to make the playoffs.  Doctor said because he is still growing and the shoulder just not being a strong appendage she doesn't want to see him take a chance, hurt it again and this time it be serious or permanent. Makes total sense as he is only 13 and lots of sports ahead of him.

We are OFFICIALLY on vacation!!  I am blogging from our hotel room as we await tomorrow morning and our flight to Florida.  Crossed the border without any delays, which is why I wanted to leave late afternoon but before rush hour. We arrived about 3:30 and are just relaxing a bit before we head out for dinner. Next stop Orlando!

Friday, March 11, 2011

More Snow........Shoulder Update.....Insurance and Attack Cat

Seriously I am so over winter, bring on Spring.  Woke up this morning to 4" of snow, buses cancelled and flurries through out the day.  Just hoping for no weather problems tomorrow as we head over or Sunday, do not want a flight delay.

B~man's shoulder is feeling better.  He has full range in terms of raising his arm but certain movements are causing some pain.  First visit with the physiotherapist yesterday and all went well.  They gave him his exercises to work on while we are away so he can strengthen that shoulder and we have 2 appointments booked for when we get back.  Today I will be booking a doctor's appointment for when we return to see if he can get a return date to the ice.  Physiotherapist says it will probably be a few weeks, may be rest of season :(  but if he faithfully does his exercises and takes it easy he may be able to come back for the last few games.  We are hoping last week and this week plus the exercises will help speed the healing process.

Oh and we have to see the oral surgeon when we get back as well *sigh*  turns out the one tooth is coming in sideways and needs surgery in order to pull it out.  Poor guy.  His mouth will be beautiful when all done though and he has not complained one bit.  Matter of fact he smiles more with the braces then he did before, that makes me happy.

All I can say is thank goodness for insurance!  I am so fortunate to have benefits through my employer.  I would have done the braces regardless, just cut elsewhere, but it is nice to have a portion of it come back to me. We also have a yearly amount for Physiotherapy so that takes pressure off as well.  Now if only we could get some relief on the price of gas!

B~man has given the cat a new name..................Meow-zilla.  It cracks me up and I love it.  This all started the other night as we were sitting watching tv and the cat began attacking B~man's feet.  Every time he put them back on the floor the cat would come at them.  Now I think it is because his feet stunk thanks to this pair of skateboarding shoes that smell really bad and make his feet worse(they will one night just disappear). The cat was back at it again last night and I sometimes think my laughing eggs him on.  Oh well it is entertaining.  Now I ask, does this look like the face of a Meow-zilla?
He is a beautiful cat and I must add that quirky would be a good way to describe him.  You can only pet his head or under his chin.  He does not like belly rubs in any way, we know when he's angry with us as his ears go back and he squints.  On the plus side......he's quirky and does have a personality, just not always a sparkling one, lol.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Countdown Continues...Injury....Freebie Template

 First I want to say sorry about the 4Shared link, not sure why it is going all wonky.  I clicked on it and got an error message, then clicked a different time and it worked. So, I have just reuploaded the template from the other day to Box.net. I also have a new one for you at the end of the post :)
You can download it here: Random Circles


 My March break countdown continues......2 more sleeps!! We actually don't fly out for Florida until Sunday morning but are heading over the night before so I'm counting that as our official vacation start.

Injury...........first hospital visit due to hockey on Sunday.  B~man made a great play, a back check, a poke check around behind the net and BAM! Full steam into the boards.  I hated seeing him lay on the ice, usually he pops up right away but not this time.  I saw it happen so knew he had either knocked the wind out of himself or hurt his shoulder.  4 hours in ER in the town we were in and the result was a separated AC, we were sent home with a sling and a phone number for an orthopedic surgeon and notes for fracture clinic.  The latter part concerned and confused me.....I didn't understand the need for a surgeon and fracture clinic for a separation. Monday I called our doctor and it was recommended I attend our local hospital for follow up. Off we go for another visit to ER.......yep ready for another long day.  I explained what happened and why we were there.  New x-rays as they couldn't access the ones from the other hospital (makes no sense to me why not) and some more waiting.  It was ok though as we were sitting by some really nice people and a couple very friendly paramedics, made the time pass.  The results............same, a slightly separated shoulder but he only requires physiotherapy.......?? Why the difference?  I have no clue but I will take the second doctor's recommendation as he happens to be team doctor for the local junior team here............the team they get drafted to the NHL from, I'd wager a guess he knows a separated shoulder and appropriate treatment when he sees them, lol.

Kept B~man home yesterday for another day of rest, and I got my laundry done, bathroom scrubbed and living room dusted, he is also packed and ready..............I'm not though, tomorrow is when I'll get my stuff all pulled out.  Also have to make arrangements with the ex to get Meow-zilla (our cat) over to his place to watch while we are gone.

Here is another template for you and I hope the download works for you.  I have used Box.net again.
Download: In the Garden


Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Look!! Plus a Template.............free of course.

I am always so envious of the cute blogs out there and fully admit to being jealous of those who can do all the coding etc.  I am not one of those people, lol.  I did try looking at the code and try to figure out the sizes etc in order to do mine but it was just not happening, literally looked like a foreign language to me.  I went to the Graffiti Chicks blog and bought their Blog it Your Way templates, picked my kit (Fly with Me by Ellie Lash) and off I went.  Pretty happy with the way it turned out I already know what I would like to change.  I miss having my slide show of my layouts on the side and would love to add some pretties down the side. Maybe I will make that my summer project.............customizing my blog or should I say learning how.

Science Fair..........this has been a thorn in my side for the last few weeks.  The boy has known about it for well over a month and with many arguments it was finished on time.  He finally decided on a topic as I made him sit with me as we perused the web for ideas appropriate for his age.  Topic picked and off to buy materials for the experiments we went, thankfully not too expensive.  Write ups and experiments were done Sunday, he completed the backboard and got it all put together on Wednesday night.  Did I mention that it was due Thursday?  Loaded it up in the car Thursday and off we went to bring it in.  He presented it yesterday and said felt confident.  The boy got B+ and A's on it!!  While I am happy for him as he did work hard, it kind of blows me telling him he can't wait last minute and expect a good mark.

Now on to hockey.  We are nearing the end of the season and the boys still have a chance at making the playoffs, it's slim but they are still in it.  B~man plays defence and they are short right now with three of his defensice linemates out with injuries, needless to say it translated to a lot of ice last night.  It was every other shift as we only had 3 and they pulled a forward back to make it 4.  The whole team played awesome and it showed with a 3-1 victory over the first place team!  A night off Friday to be a kid, go to the dance and sleep at a buddies house and back in the rink tonight and again on Sunday.

Well I still have nothing accomplished in terms of getting ready to go away. I'm feeling a mental health day coming next week so I can get organized, right now Thursday is looking good.. but it may be Wednesday.
Our vacation begins!!

I have a template for you again tonight :)  Hope you like it and look it's got room for two pictures this time, lol.  You can click below to get the link.

Download: Random Circles

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Break Countdown.....freebie template too :)

First of all I want to say thank you ladies for the comments about selling my rings. There was a company that was buying gold in town this past weekend and I did a bunch of my stuff in just to see. By 'stuff' I'm talking old necklaces, bracelets, odd earrings, little gold rings that I no longer wear and never will. Any way with the price of gold I walked out with $300!! I still have my wedding rings as I'm not handing over diamonds to only be paid for gold, kwim? To answer a couple questions, I did consider having them redone but the cost is unbelievable as all they can use is the diamond, so all new gold and setting.............way too much. I did consider keeping them for my son but really, what they are going to be for him? I guess he could put them away and one day give them to his wife or daughter. Who knows, it's not urgent and I may be over it in a couple weeks, lol.

March Break countdown is on!!!!! 11 days until departure and I am sooo ready. Well I really wish I was ready in terms of being prepared and organized but the time I thought I had has quickly disappeared. So next week will be burning the candle at both ends to get all my stuff done. Am thinking of a mental health day to get everything ready.........doesn't sound too good does it? A day off to prepare for some rest and relaxation. Oh well we'll see what I get accomplished, I am one of those last minute kind of people in some things. I won't be able to sleep and will get it all done in a matter of a couple hours.

Here is a template for you. I'm sorry that they all are one photo templates but that is what I seem to scrap with most. My goal is to create some multiple photo ones. You can click on the image or below to download. Enjoy!!

Download: Middle of the Road