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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics, New Prompt and a Free Mini-kit

All I can say is WOW! Our Canadian athletes are really working hard and doing our country proud. The long programme by Joannie Rochette was heart wrenching in so many ways. The grit, determination and heart of this young woman was incredible, her mother would be proud. My tv has been set on CTV and TSN for the past two weeks and I will be totally lost when these games are over..........4 more years until we have them again!! I know the summer games will be in 2 years but I love the winter games the most. 3 gold medals and a bronze on Saturday!! Wonder if the men's hockey team is feeling the pressure?Bold
Ready for a prompt? Write about your 3 favourite things to wear.
my favourite things to wear are;
  1. my jeans--I love to wear jeans, although I liked wearing them a few years ago better (there was less of me to fit into them). I have a favourite pair that I am afraid are relegated to around the house/yard as they have seen better days.
  2. sweaters--I am such a sweater girl. Love them! My favourite is a blue cotton one that I bought a couple of years ago. I was good though and cleared out a bunch that I no longer wear. Am waiting for the style to change again though and get rid of the tight fitting low cut ones and back to my fave loose fitting cotton so I can buy more, lol.
  3. capri pants--bring on spring! My go to item in my closet is capri pants. I just love them, you can dress them up or dress them down. I can wear them from April through to October. Needless to say I have a good selection.
this was hard as I can think of more things................my SpongeBob pajama pants would rank in my top five for sure.

I have been working on this mini for a while and have finally finished it. The papers came easy and then I went into a funk and it didn't get finished. So now it is done and I hope there are enough elements to make it usable. Who knows, if people like it I may add on at some point. Without further adieu here is With Love, you can click on the image or down below to download.

Download: With Love

have a wonderful day!

and Go Canada Go!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A new prompt and yay B-man

First of all I have to give a shout out to my son and his hockey team who won their game Saturday 4-0 (unlike team Canada who lost 5-3, yes I'm pouting). B~man got moved back to defense this season but they were short 2 forwards so he got moved up. Scored the first goal of the game and collected 2 assists..............and I wasn't there! :(

OK on to today's prompt. I thought this time I would do a list. A top 10 if you will; Your top 10 favourite foods.
  1. shrimp--any way, I jut love them.
  2. pasta--prefer a white sauce or blush to tomato
  3. eggs--egg salad is my fave sandwich
  4. brussel sprouts--I know, some may think of this as weird but I do love them
  5. rice--I can just sit and eat a bowl of plain white rice with pepper
  6. popcorn--who doesn't love it?
  7. steak--grilled with Worcestershire sauce and sauteed mushrooms
  8. Honey Nut Cheerios--not just for breakfast, great as a snack with or without milk
  9. chocolate chip cookies--need I say more?
  10. corn on the cob--a true sign of summer slathered in butter
ok so what's your list?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A journaling prompt and another template freebie

I thought it would be fun to do post a journaling prompt here and there. I need to brush up on my writing, something I used to do and has gone by the wayside.

here is a prompt for today: Your favourite book(s) as a teen/young adult

My favourite book is one I read when I was 14 years old, the title is ''Trying Hard to Hear You" by Sandra Scoppettone and was written in 1974It's about a young girl who tells of how her summer changed her life forever. Now it is a heavy subject as it deals with homosexuality and racism, but the book is not sexual or violent, but it describes how a group of friends deal with those two topics and how peoples lives are changed forever. It is one of those books that will stay with me forever.
Another fave of mine growing up was "That Was Then, This is Now"by S.E. Hinton. Yep I grew up in The Outsiders days and of course watched the movie over...and over...and over...and over again. Which of course was another fave book of mine.
Why do I remember these books so vividly? They all deal with subjects that are relevant today, the clothes and music have changed but so much is still the same. OK so those are some memorable books of my teen/young adult era..........matter of fact I may go see if I can find them for my son who will be entering his teen years in a few.
Now on to everyday life stuff, lol. I took my taxes in today to be prepared (I so hate doing them) and was very happy with the results. My refund will be enough to sustain us for the month of July. Oh let me explain a little, I work in a school and am laid off for the summer. Teachers are paid a salary but Support Staff are hourly so we are only paid when school is in session. Usually I put money aside each month to cover my time off in the summer but with B~man getting braces that has kind of put a kink in that. Should also mention that the ex hasn't been paying consistently and is behind due to his employment troubles, so makes it next to impossible to save. Anyway I can breath a sigh of relief as I know I'm all good for July and hopefully the ex's new job will last and he can start catching up. My goal will be to put that away to take care of August. Would be nice to use it for a vacation but a roof over our head, food and car payment are more important, lol.
Busy busy at the Olympics again today, I've skiied, done the bobsled, speed skated and curled. Whew, and then tomorrow is the BIG hockey game.........Canada vs. the US in men's hockey. That should be a game and a half. So I will probably be absent from the computer during game time.
Now that you have waded through all of this here is a template for you. Still no oomph to finish my mini kit :( sorry. Hopefully soon though.....hate that it's sitting there just needing some elements. You can click on the image or download below.

Download here

Have a good one!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy at the Olympics and freebie template

I'm exhausted with all these sports I'm working so hard at. For example just tonight I have snowboarded on the half-pipe, curled a few ends, speedskated, participated in a hockey game that went to a shoot out (think the neighbours could here us yelling) and am now figure skating.....whew, I can't take this.
So do I admit that I have two kits on the go right now but have papers done that's it. Am struggling with the elements, as in what I had was poopy and I ditched them all but one. What is in my head is not coming out at all.
I do have something though, a template. I was hoping to have something posted on Sunday but well...........reread the above paragraph only substitute whatever sports were taking place then, lol. You can click on the image or below to download.

Download: Here

Have a good one!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Lappy to Me!

I did it!! Went and bought myself a laptop today on my lunch break. Didn't get the one I had planned on, got a 17"screen instead that was on clearance as it has Vista and they are making space for new models. I'm pretty pumped and really like it so far, although I can't find a bag to hold it.
Still figuring out Vista but I'm sure I'll get there in a day or two. Now to get PS installed and my goodies loaded up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Snow Day! Laptop Potential and Template

We actually had snow, I mean real snow. About 8" fell yesterday and overnight so it was all pretty and white this morning. B~man was happy when I told him the buses were cancelled and he could have a snow day as well. He is a walker so technically should be in school, but I figured he could enjoy the day and snow. Now me on the other hand had to go into school as we don't close our schools, well let's just say I think the last closure was 10 years ago. It was careful driving this morning but on the way home roads were good for the most part, some drifting due to open fields but I can deal with that.

While I'm off rambling I need to relay a story from my drive home a few days ago. Only driving down country roads will you experience this. I turn onto my nice long piece of straight county road (as in real hard to do the speed limit) and have to stop. Why do I have to stop? Well because there is a flock of wild turkey's crossing the road. Those suckers are HUGE and ugly too. Naturally they take their time, I do get my cell phone out and snap a picture but the quality is icky and I didn't zoom in enough. So there I sit laughing as I watch these things crossing in front of me very happy for having to stop for wildlife as opposed to a traffic jam or accident. I like the city for things like food, shopping and entertainment but am quite happy living in my little town with WalMart and Canadian Tire being the 'big box' stores.

Major excitement as the Olympics begin today!! Love watching the luge (which they don't show enough of imo), bobsled, ski jumping..............and the hockey of course. Survivor also starts tomorrow night so I am extra pumped. Amazing Race on Sunday, the Daytona 500! wow am I a TV junkie or what?!

Cross your fingers as I may take the jump and hopefully buy a laptop tomorrow. Hoping I find what I want in the price range I want. I won't give up my desktop as that is truly my preferred means but want the laptop for portability............ok so I can chat and watch the a fore mentioned Olympics, Survivor, Daytona 500 and Amazing Race ;)

Well I have a template for you if you'd like it. I was hoping to get a little mini Valentine's Day kit done but time just is not on my side. Plus I'm kind of Valentined out, I may come up with something if time permits but I'm not holding out hope, lol. Valentine's Day is really not a day I ever got in to, although I'll probably buy some mini cupcakes all decorated for B~man and I as an after dinner dessert.Click on image above or download: here

Monday, February 8, 2010

Braces, Blog Train and Freebie

I'm here again, wow twice in a month I'm on a roll, lol. Not much to say really just the daily pieces of life.

The braces on B~man are working wonders though. His front teeth are even! I mean they are in line with the other teeth instead of being all wonky. Can't believe how fast they have worked so far. We are hoping for the bottom braces on the next visit in March. Although that is going to depend on if his lordship has shaped up with the brushing. Yep I got hauled in at the last visit as sir has not being what he was supposed to with regards to brushing. I sat there seething (at the boy) as we have had all out war about this and I informed the orthodontist of this. Let's just say he is in jeopardy of treatment stopping...............goodbye $1000 I have already invested *sigh*. I didn't know whether to cry or leave him there. I'm hoping the message got through, so far so good at home (it's only been a week but better than nothing). The iPod Touch was taken away, the new shoes he 'just had to have' sat in the box in the living room for a week (funny as he put them on every night and stared longingly at them) and the biggy.............if the braces have to come off due to lack of proper care he can kiss hockey goodbye. Yep, I did it, told him that come registration in May I would not be forking over the fee for him to play if he didn't shape up and to consider it repayment for what I wasted on his mouth. Think that got his attention. It's not like his dad would pay as I'm still waiting for his portion from LAST year but that's a whole other subject. Ahhhh the joys of owning a pre-teen, now I know why my mother laughs at me.

On the scrapping front both of my fave places have things going on. Scrap Orchard is a stop on the ADSR again this year. I'm not sure which stop yet but I will post it once I have a for sure date. The challenges are awesome as usual and there is the charity kit, One Love that is screaming gorgeousness.
Sunshine Studio Scraps has undergone a change, a big change and we are working real hard behind the scenes to make it sunny again. There is a gorgeous grab bag, Lovers Walk with guests Flergs, Michelle Batton, and Sugarplum Paperie contributing and yesterday was a good old fashioned blog train that started on Flergs' blog.

I looked through my folder of 'kits in the works' and found this one that was all done just needed a preview. So here it is for the taking. I hope you enjoy it and if you happened to create something with it please link me up and show me, I'd love to see it!! You can click on the image to download or below.
Download: Waiting for Spring

That's all for now, have a good one!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where have I been......welcome 2010!

hmmm, think I dropped off the face of the earth, lol. Truth is I got busy and I had some down time, not as in relaxing but 'down in the dumps' time. Just had to muddle my way out and things are looking a little brighter.
Not going to make promises about posting regularly or anything but I will try to be more consistent. I am hoping to get back in the posting freebies again, I have a few templates, some paper packs and my portions of the Wonder Girl collabs.
Well I am off as I need to get some sleep (one of my goals for this year) and I will hopefully be back tomorrow with some more news, updates, whatever :)