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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Updates and freebie Quick Pages

My moving date is fast approaching and I am so not ready. It's been hard trying to keep up and quite frankly when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is pack up my life. I need to shut the computer down and focus on my tasks at hand but alas this is much more fun. Pretty sure I got the condo that I was interested in, let's just hope I can get everything in order in time to move in, LOL. My mom is really excited at the idea of me coming 'home', been 20 years and I'm going back to my home town, where I need to be right now.
*Scrapping News*
Thank you to everyone for you wonderful comments. You have no idea how much they meant. As you read from the title I have a couple of more QP's to give away using Ziggle Designs kit Botanique. Not only can you download these QP's for free but if you hop on over to Kami's blog you can pick the whole kit up for free!! If time permits I may create a 4 x 6 bragbook with this kit. Yep, you read correctly, Kami will be giving some of her retired kits away for free on her blog, Ziggle Designs. While you're at it check out her store at Scrap Orchard, she's having her very own BOGO sale. She also has a new kit and alpha coming out, so keep an eye on for Fresh Fruit Friday.

More big news from Scrap Orchard..........Irene is officially an Orchard Girl!! That's right, her store is now open and to celebrate Irene is having a sale. Go take a browse through the market and check out her amazing designs.

Don't forget that Sunshine Wonder Week is in full swing over at Sunshine Studio Scraps. Lots of cool games, challenges and of course my favourite Daily Download (not that I'm biased or anything), we are on day 4 but the links for days 1-3 are still active. Also keep an eye out on Sunday as Sunshine Studios has a new event called Sunny Sundays. This is a special area of the store where designers put some of their items in the store for $2.00!!

CT News
Still enjoying the CT gigs I am lucky enough to be a part of. My guest spot with Monica of Studio mgl ended yesterday but.....................she asked if I would be interested in staying around for another month!! The answer of course was yes!!

I have completed another album with a kit from the Polka Dot Plum. This time it is the Gracie album and I used Her First Kiss. Keep an eye out on their blog as to when this freebie will be posted. I will of course post here as well.

On to the freebie, sorry I was so long winded. I hope to have another template up this weekend so stay tuned!! Click image to download.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lots of Cool Stuff, 2 Freebies and TWO blog hops

For those of you who read my blog you are in for a loooooooooooooooong post. This weekend things are rocking at my 2 favourite digi scrappin' sites. So hold on to your hats, settle in for the read and I promise there are two freebies in here, plus info on how to get more freebies and have some fun!! Sound fair? I hope so because you don't want to read about any more boring house stories or frustrating ex stories. Although the agent I'm using for the townhouse is extremely good looking, LOL.

Scrap Orchard is having another Make it Snappy followed up with the ever popular, crazy fun chat in the treehouse today at 3 PM EST. Kami, of Ziggle Designs designed a really cute participation kit for those who come and play. As a bonus, Kami had her most incredibly talented CT members create a couple of QP's each to give away on their blogs. SO, you can click on the preview to get the two I made and click on the following links for the other girls. Just remember there are time zone differences with some of us.

Ziggle Designs-CT blogs

tiffany scraps
ziggle designs

Sunshine Studio Scraps
It's BAACCCKKKK. That's right, after a crazy August all the Wonder Girls are back in town and ready for a fantabulous Sunshine Wonder Week! With missing last month we decided to do something different and combine two collabs to bring you double the freebies. To kick off SWW we are having a blog hop party, visit each Wonder Girl's blog and they will have a freebie for you based on the Anchor's Away collab. I have everyone's blog linked in the sidebar for your convenience. Don't forget to leave some love at each stop. On Sunday SWW officially begins with our contribution to Sunflower, 'Sowing the Seeds of Summer'. Daily Download is back, games, favourite items, prizes. So come join us!! Here is my contribution to the Anchor's Away Blog Hop Party (click on picture to download)

Whew, I think I got it all!! Happy downloading.

hehehehe, I forgot something. If you didn't see it the other day, I created a Jack Album using the Polka Dot Plums kit Quirky Crow kit, it's available for download free on their blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fresh Fruit, Blog Hop, Make it Snappy

Think the title says it all. I have lots of scrapping to post about and show.

First up is Fresh Fruit Friday.........the day when the Scrap Orchard Designers release their latest designs. Ziggle and Pineapple Plantation (Kami and Shauna) both have new kits in their shops, and I really like them both!! Of course the October Mystery Mega is in the Market and available at the ridiculous low price of $3.00 for this week. It is HUGE!!!

There is going to be another Make it Snappy on Saturday and Kami created the participation prize, now I just happen to have a preview of this very cute little mini kit. The next part of news is, that the CT all made Quick Pages for you. So even if you can't attend Make it Snappy you still get these quick pages, just visit everyone's blog and download away. I will post everyon's blog link on Saturday

*Fresh Fruit*
Pineapple Plantation Designs

Ziggle Designs

Say What?!!

In all my rush the other day I forgot to vent about my latest medical disaster. I say disaster as I always thought of myself as a pretty healthy person, not anymore. I have been having intense pain in my left shoulder for at least 3 weeks (I have a very high pain tolerance and thought it would go away) but it got to the point of shooting down my arm and making my hand numb. Keep in mind I'm left handed, have a job that requires documentation and I'm moving, LOL. Turns out it's tendenitis, pretty bad apparently.......so I'm thinking 'no big deal' until the doctor informs me that this condition can be chronic! I just stared at him, thinking 'what next?' So I'm now on an anti-inflammatory for the next 30 days, hoping that helps so I don't have to go next step which is cortisone injection. Shots don't bother me at all, just don't want to have to go that route. Oh and I'm supposed to 'rest' my shoulder/arm for the next month..............I started laughing as I told him I was moving on Oct.15 so that was very unlikely to happen. OK I've vented a bit and now feel much better. Not having a pity party just waiting for my little blcak cloud to lift so I can see the clear blue sky above me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, is it any wonder that Eeyore was and still is my favourite character from Winnie the Pooh?
Ok it is nicer now than it was in August! Temps have been a gorgeous mid to high seventies, today is going to be eighty one. I love having all my windows open, I'm off tomorrow so it will be stripping the beds again and hanging the sheets on the line. I love to cuddle up in my sheets and smell that fresh outdoor line smell. That's what I'm going to miss about my house, I my laundry line.
Well that is my mindless chatter for today. Don't forget I will be back tomorrow with a couple of QP's using the Make it Snappy participation gift, they also have some other items from Ziggle Designs in them. I will also have the links of the other girls' blogs too so you can collect them all. Saturday I will have another freebie her to help kick off Sunshine Wonder Week, think the Anchor's Away kit for the blog hop and think Sunflowers for SWW. Again I will have links for the other girls so you can collect their great offerings!
Until then, smile and eat chocolate!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

updates, cool news and freebie made by me...but is somewhere else

Well if anyone has visited you can see I have a new header for my blog. Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs graciously gave me permission to use her A Girl's Best Friend kit to spruce up the blog. My goal is to go pink for October but I'm still learning all this blogger stuff. I would like to take one of her papers and use it as my background. So if anyone knows how, I would love some pointers.
House front............my condo is on hold. The things that I need to take care of are going to take me longer and involve more people. I won't bore you with the details other than to say fighting the government is not fun. Have done a little packing though. Going to do some sorting and pitching.

So I've dabbled in some papers, made an orange, red, yellow, green, and 2 brown. Not sure I'm ready to preview them though. Just don't have the confidence, so we'll see.

Took the B-man to the doctor today, he has an ear infection. Bizarre how all these years of being clear (thanks to tubes when he was 4) and he has had 2 in just over a year. He noticed it because his ear was plugged and wouldn't drain. I took a look, recognized the colour and phone call to doctor was made. Don't need him having a real excuse to not listen to me, LOL.

Exciting things coming up this weekend. Us Wonder Girls are having a Blog Hop Party to kick of Sunshine Wonder Week, meaning each one of us will have a special freebie on our blogs. Our freebies coordinate with Anchor's Away a fun collab that the Sunshine Team released in August. Now, we are back with SWW this coming Sunday and are featuring the amazing kit, Sunflowers. Don't miss out on all the fun!!

Scrap Orchard is hosting another Make it Snappy this weekend and Ziggle Designs is hosting and offering up the participation prize. Can I say that I've seen it and it is really cute!! Not only that but some of us on the CT have created some QP's for everyone and we will be giving those away as you blog hop..............hmmmm, so that would be 2 freebies from me this weekend!!

Speaking of freebies, if you visit the Polka Dot Plums blog you can pick up a Jack Album I made using their Quirky Crow kit....I just love the red, black and blue in this kit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just thoughts and mindless chatter

The title pretty much says it, LOL. No real news to report just mindless ramblings.
Did some packing yesterday, my mom came over to give me a hand (kick in the butt to make sure I stuck with it actually). I have 3 boxes of give-away or yard sale items and a box of 'why do I still have this, it needs to go in the garbage', that's from the dining/back room and the kitchen. I am so dreading hitting the closets, especially the one in the spare bedroom/my computer room. *sigh* but I think I will be dumping a lot of that stuff, kwim?

Today hopefully I will get the news that I can go ahead and get started on getting me that condo. My mom is excited at the prospect of me coming 'home', by that I mean returning to my hometown which is an hour from where I am presently. Not only will I be back in town but in the same complex as my parents, different section of condos. We'll be close but far enough away, LOL. So if the phone call I am anticipating goes the way I need it to then I'm on my way to really starting over. Cross your fingers.

Anyone want a cat? Argghhhh, the 'thing' is driving me crazy!! He has like totally spazzed out, I'll walk by and he will attack my leg from behind, climbing up the doors, literally. Think he's gone coo coo. Whatever this is hopes it ends soon. I'm definitely thinking of having his claws removed. He's a year old so I'm hoping it's not too late.

Well there is my rambling for the day. I'm going to work on creating some papers, if they turn out decent I'll post them and hopefully those who read my blog will download them.

Have a great day!!!

*Scrapping Previews*

New from Sunshine Studio Scraps--images are linked.

Black Tie Affair-Amanda Kay and Designz by Kristi

Sweet Afternoon-Sun Designers Collab

Ashley Rose-Kelly aka Greedz

Who Said Boo-Denise

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MIA---but have a freebie

Where has time gone? I just looked and saw I haven't posted since the 8th of September!! Good to tell I'm back at work, the time to do all this just isn't there.

On to real life news....................
The house is sold, signed the papers Monday and the 'sold' sticker went on that evening. It was bittersweet though. I cried, tears of relief and of sadness. Change is good, but scary. The unkown looms before me but the B-man and I will make it through.

So where am I going? I have no clue, LOL. Yep, no arrangements thus far. I looked at 2 condos last weekend, one to purchase and one to rent. Think I'm leaning toward renting for right now, too much is going on so I think that may be my safest bet for right now, plus the rent is guaranteed for five years. I'm thinking after one I will know what I want. All this sounds great right? Well, there are a few things holding me back, the ex's former business.......somehow I got tangled up in the mess that is ongoing (I had nothing to do with the business, just have to prove that to the government) so I need to get me cleared out of that and get at my money then I can move on and move in, kwim?

I've graduated!!! Yep had my appointment at the cancer clinic on Thursday and I've hit 2 and half years without any recurrance so I now don't have to go back for another 6 months. On another good note, I have also passed my 'danger zone' with regard to recurrance, I have now plateaued meaning I am no longer in the high risk group so yeah me!!!!

*Scrapping News*

Yep, I have a bit of it, that'll teach me to be gone so long. So I'll just post previews and there is some nice stuff that has come out.

Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs has created this wonderful fall kit. I just love the deep oranges and browns in this kit. Available at Scrap Orchard
Kami of Ziggle Designs paired up with Becky of B~Creative Designs to bring you Feels Like Home. There are some really unique elements and the colours will suit any scrapping style. Available at Scrap Orchard. Franziska Altmann has returned from her vacation and just released her latest kit, Cutie Pie. There are daisies, acrylic and a denim frame in this versatile kit. You can pick it up at either Scrap Orchard or Sunshine Studio. Don't forget Sunshine Wonder Week will be back this month!! It will begin on the 28th of this month.

My latest layouts are at the top, I've updated my slide. Thanks for looking!!

Now on to my freebie offereing for you. It's a template of course, LOL. I have been dabbling in papers but want to practice some more before I post any.

Template 19--click image to download and have a great weekend!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All is good and some new previews

A lady came and looked at the house last week and asked if she could bring someone round to check out the roof, electrical, plumbing etc on Sunday. Of cours I said no problem, not going to turn down a potential buyer. They came today, during supper of course, but oh well. Let's see if anything comes of it. I already have an offer in so it would have to be a cash offer and close to what I accepted conditionally we'll see.....

Thank you to those who left messages at 4Shared for the B-man and his disappointment at not making the team. He was ok yesterday and then today felt a lot better when we found out they went with the minimum amount of minors they can have, 5. I tell you our house league teams will be tough to beat with all these former travel players in there, but it will also be unfair to those kids who have only played house league, why you ask? In the travel system they have been allowed to body check for 2 years already, house league PeeWee is the first year. Now Hockey Canada changed the rules and have disallowed checking in Atom travel this year as well. I so wish we would go back to a minor/major system instead of A/AE..........the size difference between 10/11 year olds and 11/12 year olds is huge. I have a hockey conversation with him I would like to share, it's cute:
B-so mom, how much does house league cost?
me-$520, it's already paid. Had to in order to register you back in March
B-ok, you have to pay more?
me- no that was for travel hockey, it was $575
B-so you paid $575 for travel
me-that was on top of the $520, the other was travel fees
B-you paid over a $1000 for me to play hockey?
me-yep, and we had to pay for tryouts too, that was $100 last year
me-add the hotel room when you had tournaments
B-no wonder we haven't been on vacation, you weren't joking when you said hockey season was our vacation
me-*laugh* very true
Love my boy :)

*Previews and Scrappin' News*
Kami and Shauna have this amazing deal going on right now. If you purchase $10 from either one of their stores you get this beautiful kit for free!! Yes it is a whole kit, not a mini with 2 papers and 3 elements but a whole kit!!
These talented ladies also came together to create a wonderful charity kit called If Only In My Dreams. The proceeds from this kit will be used to help send care packages to the men and women in Iraq. Not only are you brightening someone's day but you are getting a beautiful gift also. The Mystery Mega has been revealed so if you didn't catch it when it was unbelievably priced at $3 you will now be able to see what it is but pay $10 for it...........bet you wished you listened and bought it on sale now huh?

I did some more layouts today, check up top in my little slide show and you can see the new ones I added but if you would like a stationary version then here they are:
Using Office Romance-Pineapple Plantation Designs
Using Her First Kiss-Polka Dot Plum Using Free Spirit-Franziska Altmann and Studio mgl

Have a great day!! (images are linked)

Been Busy, previews and a freebie

We can wrap week one up and put it in the books. First week of school is now a thing of the past, on to week two. Pretty uneventful other than I had my group of girls from last year start up again..........those who were friends last year are now 'haters' and those who were 'haters' are now friends. One outsider is now 'in' and one 'groupie' is now out..........grade 7 and 8. Think I will be spending a lot of time in my office with this clique.

The B-man's hockey tryouts are over................he was released from the travel team. A devastating blow to the poor guy, he skated his heart out and did very well. First time he hasn't made a travel team, my heart broke for him. With it being two ages together it looks like they are keeping the second years, only 6 first years remained and I know of two that were released, B-man being one. So off to house league we go, which isn't a bad thing, saves me $$, the schedule isn't anywhere near as hectic. We have a coach who wants him already, LOL. The comment was 'I want him with us, not against us', which B-man understood as a compliment. Will try again next year, just as long as he keeps his spirit up.

*Scrapping News*
Wow, do I have some previews to show you!!
from Pineapple Plantation Designs this week's offering is Spiro-graffiti. This kit was fun to work with as it has a bit of a funky feel to it. The colour combination of red, black, white and turquoise make it perfect for any event. Oh and one more little tidbit, if you go to Shauna's blog she has a freebie addon to this kit. If you receive the Scrap Orchard newsletter there is a coupon where you can receive 20% off your purchase, good until September 11. If you don't subscribe click on the above link and sign up!!

and a layout using this kit

Next up is Her First Kiss by the Polka Dot Plum. This kit is so soft and gentle with it's muted brown and soft pink. Pefect to scrap any moment in your life you would like to remember. This kit is available at both Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio Scraps.

and of course a layout;

I have a template freebie for you as well. Click on image to download.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School, Previews, Template News and a Freebie

First day back and all went well, no tears or refusing to ever attend again.............and that was me, LOL. Day 1 is always laid back for me due to my job within the school. I make sure to connect with my students from last year, visit classes, be visible. Next week I will start planning my schedule after reorganization and schedule blips have been ironed out. B-man came home pretty happy with his day and fell right into routine of emptying the backpack, showing me the wads of paperwork I need to sign, and that this year they don't need parental signatures in their agenda on a daily basis, he's in grade 6 now you know, hehehe. That's fine, but I WILL be looking at it daily.....he's a great kid and student, but well he's a kid. I've forgotten to do something for work (good job I was able to wing it and think on my feet, LOL). We'll see how day 2 goes.

We have hockey tonight and Friday and I have a hockey meeting Thursday..........hmmm, detecting a theme here?

*PREVIEWS* (images are clickable)
yep some absolutely gorgeous kits coming down the pipe. Here are some new ones that I just love!

Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs and Kami of Ziggle Designs have teamed up to bring you a kit you could get for free! Yes you read correctly, free. All you have to do to be eligible is purchase either $10 from Shauna's store or $10 from Kami's store and this kit is all your! Good deal huh? Ran out of hours in the day to get a layout done with this one......hopefully tonight.

In other collab news Franziska Altmann and Monica, of Studio mgl have gottne together to bring you Free Spirit. Here's a layout I made using this great new kit.

My templates..............the links will no longer be active on my past templates after today. I will leave the link for this last one up until Sunday and then it will come down as well. I will be posting a freebie once a week, with work starting up again, my CT's and other duties I won't be able to keep up the pace of 2-3 a week.
Have a great day!!

School Starts, Collab, New Kits and a Freebie

Tomorrow is the first day of school. *sigh* where did August go? I blinked and it was gone, just seems like last week we were talking about the last month of summer and here it is. Back to routine, homework, planning for me. Felt weird making sure dinner was on time tonight, B-man and I have been used to eating later in the evening as we didn't have to worry about a schedule of any sort. I had intentions of starting the back to school routine a week ago but then thought, naw let's enjoy the last vestiges of no schedule so we did. Back to routine where RL will come to the forefront again. I've so enjoyed my break from it.

Some pretty big news for my fellow WonderGirl Janel today, her freebie was featured at Ikea Goddess!! Oh yeah, big shout out for her!! Wahoo!! If you would like these awesome papers then click on the preview and you will be taken right to her blog where you can pick them up for free!.

Moon Scraps has another new collab coming out with none other than...........Ellie Lash!! The kit will be released next Saturday and to celebrate the launch there will be a very special chat with the creators of this fine new collab. There will be a special participation prize as well! Click on the banner to be taken to the 'super secret' chat room that has been set up just for this occasion.

Do you remember your first kiss? Does it bring back soft warm memories from a long time ago?

The Plums have been hard at work and have come up with a beautiful kit full of soft pink and muted brown that evoke that soft feeling. This kit, appropriately named Her First Kiss will be available at Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio this coming Friday. Here is a little teaser, and trust me when I say you will use this kit time and time again.
I did manage to get a template finished and here it is!
Template 15--sorry link no longer available