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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Shoes and Some Scrapping News

Wahoo I'm back!! Two posts within two days, aren't you impressed?
20 school days and 29 sleeps (that of course is including weekends) and I can say school's out for summer!! It's been a good year and I should find out shortly if I'm moving on or staying where I am. Of course now I am second guessing my request to go to another school..............the 40 minute drive each way is getting to me and I always feel rushed when I get home thanks to a busy boy, lol. Oh well, we'll have to see what if anything is in store for me.

Orthodontist appointment for B~man went well today, all is progressing as it should. No news or meeting with him, just a wire change and we were on our way. On our way means a stop at the mall and food at Taco Bell. We needed to go there anyway as the boy needed new shoes, seems like I just bought the ones he's wearing but apparently that was 4 months ago (yes they are destroyed). So we check out the shoes, 'skateboard shoes' guess runners aren't 'cool' at the moment, maybe by fall they will be, who knows?! Off we go, he picks out a pair that he likes, my response? 'Those are butt ugly, how about these?' I got 'the look', he chooses a different pair but then he gets 'the look' as in 'are you nuts? I am not paying that much for a pair of shoes that you will have destroyed or outgrown in a few months'. A few other stores to see what else was out there and back to the ones I described as 'butt ugly' but the original ones he liked (and in my agreed upon price range). Black, gray, green and purple.............yep you'll know it's us.

Baseball season is upon us, well the first two games were rained out but they have managed to play 3. Looks like a good little team again this year, they have won 2 and lost 1, the loss was only by one run as well. B~man is pitching and catching so he is on cloud 9 as those are his favourite positions. Take me out to the ball game................................

Scrapping News!!

Scrap Orchard has 28 days of FreeBees that begins today!!! Jump on over to their forum, download your passport and participate in some fun challenges.
My dear sweet Ziska is back designing again and has come back to Scrap Orchard so you can find her in the Market with 2 new kits.

Sunshine Studio Scraps is reopening. They have undergone a redesign and is all prettied up with some special grab bags from the designers to celebrate.