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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Trains….Freebies Galore!

Well I have been a bad blogger again haven’t I? Sorry for being MIA but just a lot has been going on. I have been scrapping up a storm though which is good for me.

I am here with freebies for you though, a little alpha and couple of papers from me but a whole whack of stuff from my friends over at Sunshine Studio. They are back online and ready to kick it! They have a great new event coming up called Scrapping Idol you should seriously check out. Awesome incentive prizes and the whole thing….if you like my creations I have 2 templates, brag book pages, minikit and I participated in a collab………..hmmm might be why I haven’t been here with the freebies huh? LOL

You can click on the image or down below for your download from me


download here: Funtime in the Summertime

and so you don’t miss out on any of the other goodies here is the list and links for everyone else.

Funtime Blog Train Sunny Style

Stolen Moments - http://stolenmomentsdesign.blogspot.com/
Teri- http://teri-scrappingmylife.blogspot.com/
Joanne (jaye) - http://jayedid-designs.blogspot.com/
JACQUEscrapper Designs - http://jaquelinebampi.com.br/scrapterapia/
Amanda - www.amandalaborde.com/blog
Madame Wing - http://madamewing.blogspot.com/
Flutter Expressions - www.flutterexpressions.blogspot.com
Fairytale Studios Scraps - http://fairytalestudioscraps.daydreamerdesignworks.com
Rhonda - http://designsbyrhonda.blogspot.com
Designz by Kristi - http://webdesignzbykristi.com/blog
sign un here---> Scrap Idol Sign-Up - http://www.sunshinestudioscraps.com/...play.php?f=146 <-----sign up here

I’m off as today is my birthday and B~man and I are going to hang out. Not sure what we’re doing but we are going to hang out. Have a good one!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh My!!

Had the appointment with the orthodontist Thursday to let me know how much it's going to cost to fix B~man's teeth. I was nervous and anxious the whole way up there, my mind thinking of what will I cut out when I get the amount. B~man is listed as requiring 'comprehensive orthodontic treatment'.......in other words not just braces to straighten teeth. The poor kid's jaw doesn't align, he has a baby tooth up front that is still hanging on (he's 11.5), the two incisors haven't dropped, will require a gum graft in a few years (totally different specialty).............*sigh* I feel bad for the kid with all that he will be going through. In true B~man fashion though he's ready to go, and said he can't wait until he can smile and feel good about it (yes, I did the little *sniff*). It will be a long haul........almost 3 years but will soooo be worth it.

Off track I got didn't I? The cost...........let's just say I will be making a used car payment for the next 2 years. I can stop searching for good deals on a trip to Florida for March Break next year, lol.

Scrappping news---Studio mgl has this insane crazy sale going on. You can buy her whole store for $19.99.........CU included! It's only on until the 9th though so you better hurry.
Final layouts for the Battle of the Creative Teams at DSA are due on Sunday............eeeek I haven't even started!!!
What else am I up to? Oh!! I won a GC for one of the Studio Collectives over at SBG for my August Desktop entry, that was pretty cool. think I'm going to get Impressions of Whimsy.
Hit the new release sale over at The DigiChick on Thursdayand picked up Sugarplum Paperie's kit, Pretty Little Picnic . Already played with it, it is sooo cute.

Freebie Time!!
I have a template for you today and the inspiration for my template. The kit used in my layout is the August Mega:Confetti and Cupcakes over at Scrap Orchard. I made this for the Mega challenge over there.
You can click on the template image or below for your link.

Download: Template 32
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unexciting, Freebie Alpha

Yep, think the title pretty much says it, nothing exciting happening on my end.

Well the excitement was on the weekend where the B~man had his wrap up tournament for baseball. They didn't come to play Friday night and dropped a game they should have won, by the time the boys decided to wake up and play ball it was too late, lol. Saturday morning was different, they came to play and did much better taking their second game. They lost a heartbreaker for the third game by 2 runs. Shame of it is the team they lost to there are now questions as to whether or not it was a combined team. That team got knocked out the next game but it doesn't put our boys back in.......our kids were disappointed but handled it well. Our coach was awesome, rather than take our team off the diamond and not let our boys play he sent an assistant to speak to those in charge and had them play, great example!! He told them he understood their concerns (it was the kids who picked out the players that were from another team) but to play their best game and let the adults get this sorted out. Again, may I say kudos to you Coach Bob!!

B~man pitched and was throwing hard, he also had a 1-2-3 inning, putting all three batters out, 2 on bunts and the third on a blooper back to the mound. As parents we were disappointed our boys got the short end but also very proud of how they stayed positive and did their best.
Baseball is not over for us though as B~man has been asked to join the town's Select team and participate in a county wide tournament in a couple of weeks..........needless to say he was pretty proud of himself.

So that's about it for excitement.

On to the goodies, lol. Here is the matching alpha to A Little Edgy. Again this was previously available in the Sun Newsletter so if you receive that you have this alpha already, if not.....well here you go!! I have a couple of templates ready to put up and I'm working on another alpha.
Oh I of course have a few unfinished kits floating around the hard drive as well.........we'll see if I can focus long enough to finish them.
You know the drill :) Click on image or down below to download.
download: A Little Edgy Alpha

Until next time.............................

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Few Thoughts and a Freebie

Well I'm here with a few thoughts, nothing much but a little rambling. Why does it seem as though summer is passing me by and I haven't accomplished anything? When I return to work and everyone asks the age old 'how was your summer' I will yet again say 'good, didn't do much'. I so want to take off for a few days so we can at least say we DID something. *sigh* I hate that I am relying on someone else to get what is owed to me........yes the almighty $. I have some coming to me that is owed but waiting is killing me. I've been so patient, as in waiting since May that I'm starting to feel like it is never going to show up, that the person is handing me a big ole line of poo. OK, done, pity party over. All is good and will be good.

On to happier things :) . I am participating in the Battle of the Creative Teams over at DSA as part of the Pineapple Princesses (we rock by the way) and having a blast. This last challenge was a doozy but I love my layout. Our team communicates so well that it doesn't take us long to agree on something and come up with a plan..........shout out to my fellow Princesses!!!! Go take a look at some of the incredible layouts that are being uploaded ( but you can vote for us....Pineapple Princesses).

Ok, I have a freebie for you. Now if you receive the Sunshine Studio newsletter you will have received this minikit, if not...................here it is, lol. I will post the alpha next week or in the next few days. What you like to see next? Another minikit, an extended version of my portion of the Wonder Girl collabs (like Heaven Sent), template, wordart? Or a mix of all the above :) If you like you can just leave a comment here on my blog or drop me an email.

Without any further babbling, I give you A Little Edgy!! You know the drill....please do not share, send them here etc etc etc........................ and don't forget if you use it please send me the link I'd love to see what you created! You can click on the image or below for the link.
See you on the flip side :)Download: A Little Edgy