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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Horrible!

I am so terrible! Here I am every night thinking 'I need to get something on my blog' and it didn't happen :(

I did get some of my mojo back and have done some new layouts that I'm really proud of. Been in a template slump though..........I know I could turn my layouts into a template but I want to do something different. I have some ideas rolling around in this head of mine so hopefully I will hav one up by the end of the weekend. I do have something in the works though...................my first kit! Yep I am in the midst of making a kit. Just have to add some elements to it and debating on making an alpha. Of course I have to see if a certain designer who has been pushing me to do this will kindly CC it for me before I put it out there.

Do you want the opportunity to win an entire store? I mean the whole kit and kaboodle!! Every little piece of product! Well all you have to do is head over to Scrap Orchard (yes my home away from home) and get yourself a lottery ticket, or two or three...............well you get the picture.

Is that not an awesome opportunity or what? OK, now I will be back before the end of the weekend and I will cross my fingers that I have something for you..............anyone out there who reads me, lol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday, Grand Opening, Chatter and a Freebie!

Ok so where do I start? I have so much it feels like my head is going to explode. Want a little personal news? Ok, I shall bore you with my details.

Had my six month checkup at the Cancer Clinic last week, news is all good!! For my particular type of cancer my highest risk of recurrance was the first three years...........well I hit my 3 years and all is clear, I know 'yay me'. Now my risk drops to 10-20% and in another 4 years I can proclaim myself 'cured', doesn't that sound wonderful? It was great news for me as the Oncologist sated that I was lucky as my cancer was very very aggressive. I kind of clued in when I had a consult on Monday and she was booking me chemo for the Tuesday. So there's my most happy news!!

Birthday News--Scrap Orchard is One today!!

Yes that wonderful place that I call home is one year old today. It has been so wonderful watching that site grow and grow and I am proud to say I have been a part of it since day 1. The people there are fantastic, designers, owners, fellow scrappers................here's to you!!

There are lots of things planned for this momentous occasion and when the 'Queen Bees' do things they do things!! Here is just a little of what is going on;

Watch for:

Lottery tickets can be purchased, the winner will win the whole store
There is a Scrap Orchard/Gotta Pixel challenge too!!

ok, taking a breath now because this is not all!!

There are all kinds of things going on over there too. Contests, prizes, freebies..........I can't stand it and am very upset that I will be at work all day. Look out though as my butt will be square tomorrow night as I plop in front of the computer and play, shop, scap.

I promised a freebie and it's coming up, I promise. Just have to show you something I'm very proud of. I have a word art pack for sale, yep, knock me over with a feather. Ziska asked me to create some word art and she liked it so much it's in her store!! Wahoo!!

Now on to what you've probably been waitng for, the freebie. Well here it is and I hope you like it.



I was going through my folders and have some papers and elements I made that are sitting there, so you could end up seeing a 'Hodge Podge' pack sometime in the near future. Have a great day and don't forget to head over to Scrap Orchard and Digiscrap Addicts for some great shopping, contests and freebies!!