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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Download Frenzy and a freebie for you

What a day! Or should I say weekend? The sales have been mad, think I put over 2 gig on my hard drive the last 2 days, lol. I hit the Farmer's Market over at Scrap Orchard and picked up one of Sine's templates, 2 paper packs, Becky's (B~Creative) Vintage Valentine and all 3 of the Seedlings collabs.......are you ready? $1.00 each, yep, you are in fact reading that correctly. I also did some shopping over at Sunshine Studio who are having a 25% storewide sale as well and I did very well. Oh, and I had a coupon from the Flergs scraplift so I bought one of her glitter styles, cost me $1.50. Needless to say I am a very happy little scrapper right now. What I do is transfer some money to my paypal account and then it's there for if and when I need (ok want) something. No money in account=no shopping, great help with curbing impulse buys. Where am I going with this? The account is down to $.88, LOL. I only put $20.00 in it I felt that was a fair amount to give myself, plus it was my birthday so I bought myself a bunch of digipresents. :) I've got $10 making it's way to my account for September.

Oh the real estate agent is showing the house again tomorrow. The offer I have is conditional, would be nice if I got another one without conditions.

I must show off my first 'official' CT member layouts for Shauna, Pineapple Plantation Designs. I used her collab Summer Lovin' with Ellie Lash and love the different looks you can create.

*Scrappin' News*
Monica aka mgl scraps opens her new store Studio mgl at Scrapbook Graphics beginning tomorrow. If you haven't been there, take a look. The woman has been busy with some amazing new collabs out.......do you like Nicloe Seitler, aka SugarPlum Paperie? Flergs? Franziska Altmann? Yep, 3 new collabs with these ladies and the one with Nicole, Chilled Wine is on sale 25% off today at both SBG and SugarPlum Paperie.

I do have a template for you. Was playing with circles and swirls...........this is what I came up with. Hope you like it. Have a happy September 1!

Download ; Template 14 --*sorry link no longer available*

A Big Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you to all who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday. I really appreciated it.
So what did I do on my 'special day'? Absolutley nothing! Sat and played at the computer all day but didn't accomplish anything. Well, I got two pages of a tag album done but no layouts. Received lots of well wishes from my peeps over at Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio as well. The B-man.............he proudly presented me with the card he purchased this morning. So I open the envelope and start to read the card, open the card and what happens? The card starts laughing at me.......................man I love my boy. He has that weird warped sense of humour that I have, LOL. To me that was the perfect card, it was him and I loved it. As for the rest of day we didn't do much of anything. He did howeve keep coming up to me giving me hugs and saying "happy birthday mom"..........did I already say it? I love that boy.
This evening he had the couch pulled out and we laid on the sofa bed to watch a movie. Oh yeah we ate burritos, while lying on the sofabed watching a movie. It was wonderful.
Oh yeah, for those who read the post from a few days ago, he is going to grandma's for the bbq. his choice. Granted, it's because there are no plans here, LOL but nonetheless his dad called asking and I said we had no plans it was up to B-man. He decided to go so he could see his cousins again.
No freebie tonight, as I said I sat here most of the day but didn't accomplish a heck of a lot. Have a great one!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Today.....It's my Birthday, and a freebie

Well, another year added on. Yep I am one more year older today, not so sure about wiser but I am older. Birthday's what do they mean to me? Hmmm, guess that would depend on how I look at it, in terms of what I've been through health wise, very glad I'm healthy to say it's my birthday. In terms of special plans..........don't have any. It will just be another day for me. My brother and parents will call me. The B-man rode his bike down to the drug store this afternoon to buy a card, I can't wait to see that :) that is my special moment, it's from the heart and was so important to him to go do. Kid of mine has a heart of gold I tell you, I am so blessed. That's what I'm grateful for...........my boy.

CT news, Shauna has a blog freebie........... two actually! You can check those out here, Pineapple Plantation Designs. Speaking of the Pineapple Queen she has a new kit out that is all girly. Pink, Black and lots of bling! Check that out at the Orchard while you're there.

Ready for more surprising news? What a week I tell you!! I am now a CT member for the Polka Dot Plums, yep. I went from no CT's to 4 in a matter of a month!! Myself and Amysout will be taking over their blog and hope to have challenges, giveaways and sneak peeks of new products on there. I will have it linked to mine so it will be a click away, give us a little time to get organized. I will still be posting and have my own freebies here as well.

Sales and Other Good Stuff

Sunshine Studio Scraps is having a Labour Day sale that will go all weekend long, right through until Monday!! Enjoy 25% off everything except Commercial Use.

Scrap Orchard has their Farmer's Market, with exceptional deals for $1.00. New items are being added daily. Their Un-birthday Sale and of course the new Mega is on for $3.00 this week only.

I even managed another template! Here you go and I hope you enjoy it. I would love to see what you've scrapped with them, please show me.

Template 13--sorry link no longer available

mellower day today.............new freebie

First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all your kindness and comments after my rant yesterday. I felt better after saying my piece and thank you again for your validation.
I recieved some sad news yesterday. One of the ladies on my cancer committee is sick...........cancer, it's back. I don't know any other details, not sure where they found it or how long she had been clear. Just reminds me that I can't get too comfortable, it's lurking, I just don't obsess about it but I stay on my toes as well.

B-man had hockey tonight. Looks like they're going to have to make some cuts, so he knows he has to work very hard if he wants to earn his spot. I'm hoping he does as it will crush his little spirit if he doesn't make it. It's taken two seasons to undo what another coach did in one..........it was wonderful to see him confident and be a leader last year. Yes I let that coach know and his wife as well what they did for him last year. My son got his self confidence and self worth back. There's only so much I as a parent can do, when one adult tears them down it takes quite a while to build it back up.

Not any exciting news from me really......I had an interesting event in a parking lot last night but I will save that for this weekend to share.

*Scrapping Alert*

Make it Scrappy and chat at Scrap Orchard tonight at 8 PM EST. New designers announced, charity kit, Framer's Market. All kinds of things going on.

I have another template for you, hope you enjoy it!

Download: Template 12--sorry link no available

Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Printing and freebie

I must share this. I took a cd of my layouts and had some printed up last night (I have 100 to do so not all were done, LO) as where I go have 8 x 10's on for $0.49. Anyway, can I just say wow!! This is why ladies we all stick with designers who have high quality designs, I know the ones I've had printed have all been great, my stuff has come from Scrap Orchard, Sunshine Studio and I have not been disappointed. Not to say noone else's is high quality, just those are the two places I haunt so I can only speak to those designers, and of course Flergs as I have some of her stuff as well........not enough though, :)
So I'm thinking summer is over, another cool day. Out in jeans again............complaining? Nope my favourite temp is when it's mid seventies, windows all open, love it. Except still have the throbbing head and earache, good old sinuses aren't they wonderful? Yuck! Still no rain, had maybe ten sprinkles on my windshield while I was driving home but that's it. My grass is all brown and not growing..............except for the crab grass that is beautiful green and growing just fine!

*Rant Alert*
OK, I really need to vent, so if you don't want to read skip down, I'll completely understand. I'm picking my son up from his dad (my soon to be ex) and B-man tells me that he found out tonight that his grandma is having a Labour Day bbq on Sunday. Now, no big deal except I don't think it is up to a 10 year old to inform me, I had just seen his dad, he could have said something, now in his defense when I did speak to him he did just find out as well. Any way I was already upset over something (a lot of things but that's another story) and I commented we had talked about going to a local fair this weekend...........I felt horrible. I wasn't whiny or angry or sarcastic, I merely commented about the fair and that it was my birthday on Saturday (bbq is Sunday). I just feel bad that B-man immediately felt he had to choose Sunday with me, this is the first time this has popped up so we've been lucky. Truth is his grandmother doesn't treat him that well and he really doesn't want to see her, only goes for his dad and to see his cousins. The Easter debacle is still fresh in the poor kids mind. Before anyone thinks I'm being mean, she left his baseball game because her son (my ex) was talking with someone and didn't come running over and sit with her, and because B-man had to stay close to the dugout so he didn't come talk to her. She didn't show up for the next one or come the next day for his semi-final and championship game............she wonders why he doesn't want to see her?! I could write a flipping novel but I won't waste anyone's time. If he wants to go on Sunday I will have no problem with him going, I will not hold him back or take part in petty crap. OK, rant is over.................whew I feel better.

I made a template today and even scrapped a layout with it to show you! So here is the layout, and I used Pineapple Plantations Designs, Vintage Grunge (image is linked). It's of the B-man holding his cousin Ashley (one half of the twins you see in my layouts). I played with the colour of the photo to get a vintage feel but I'm not sure I accomplished that, oh well it's all about learning. Enjoy today's template! Oh, and if you're looking for a cool freebie paper pack, go to my fellow Wonder Girl Janel's blog she has one up. Have a great day!!

Download: Template 11--sorry link no longer available

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Real Life News and back with a freebie

I think I have one of those, LOL. In all my excitement about the CT positions, I forgot that I have some RL news to share as well. I finally got an offer on the house, it was a fair offer and I singed on the dotted line. Of course it is upon condition of them selling their home and the usual getting financing. It's good until October 30 but.............once they remove their conditions I will have 30 days to pack up and leave, LOL. I can deal with that, I think. Poor B-man didn't take the news so well, this is the only house he's known and of course is looking at it from a different perspective than I am. My memories of this place these last 5 years haven't been all good ones, mostly bad I'm afraid. Still it's the security and I can understand where he's coming from. Where are we going once all is official? I have no clue, I'm flying by the seat of my pants which is so not like me. I just don't want to look that far ahead and something not work out, kwim?

As for other RL news, it was so hot out on the weekend I ended up shutting all the windows and putting the central air on, yesterday it cooled down so of course the air went off and windows open again. It got col last night! I woke up all snuggled in my blankets. Today I went out with jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.........talk about one extreme to the other. I was a little concerned as I pulled out my 'favourite' jeans though. Been very lazy this summer, too much time in front of computer, was worried I wouldn't be able to get into them..........imagine my surprise as I pulled them on, no fighting with the zipper or anything.

Ahhhh, my sinus' are driving me crazy!! I have a constant headache and my ears hurt, I never get earaches. I'm really hoping that at my age I'm not developing allergies..............ok, done with that now :)

Scrapping news; there will be a Make it Snappy speed scrap at Scrap Orchard on Friday evening again. This will be followed by a chat.........those always get way out of control in a fun way. Kami has a gorgeous participation kit for all those who finish up and post their layout. There is also going to be another Farmer's Market!! I can't wait to see what's in the shop, I missed the last one but the one before I stocked up and got some awesome deals. I know Kami is retiring a few kits, don't have the downlo' on Shauna yet.

I have to share this one I made using Shauna's Mum's the Word kit as well. The colours are wonderful, rich and inviting. I just love scrapping my nieces.............my brother does too! I do the work and gets a great scrapbook of his children.

One using Kami's new kit Happy..........the colours of this kit is exactly that, happy.

Here's a layout I did with Franziska's collab Urban Solitude with Moon Scraps. I am so proud of this layout. It was also for the very first Speed Scrap I've ever hosted. This kit is awesome, it has a great urban feel to it.

Here's a template I made a while back for the weekly Sunshine Studio newsletter. If you missed it and would like it here you go. I've been in a slump lately, fresh out of ideas. If anyone has any I will gladly attempt something, need some fresh ideas. Think I'm going in to a slump with my layouts as well............last two days haven't really produced much. Here we go again, just hope it doesn't last as long as the last one.
Download-*link no longer available*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Much News!

I have no idea where to start, LOL. I will probably do my usual rambling and off topic, make no sense, grammar out the window type of post. Oh yeah, there will be keyboard errors as well.......I do not make spelling errors the keyboard does not know how to type correctly what I want to say.

Scrapping news...............my guest spot with Franziska? It turned into permanent!!!!!! Yeah me, I am soooooo excited. I also hosted my very first speed scrap over at Sunshine Studios last night and this morning for the launch of her new collab Urban Solitude with Moon Scraps. It was a blast and this kit is so cool.....not only did I host the Speed Scrap but I managed to get a layout done for each session. So yes I'm very excited about this opportunity.

In other exciting news, I got word today officially. I can spill my guts......been killing me! I applied for another CT......Pineapple Plantation Designs...............well I got it!! It's temporary, guesting of course and if it works could become permanent as well. I also got asked if I would like to join Ziggle Designs CT! Yep you read it correctly within two days I got my one guest spot turned into permanent and got picked up my two more of my favourite designers to guest. What a busy last couple of days!! I may have another announcement to make as well, LOL. I still can't believe it.
Needless to say I have not sat and created a template. I'm hoping to have one ready for Monday. Be forewarned my freebies may be more sporadic as I return to work, one week left of vacation and back to work. I have my duties at Scrap Orchard, Sunshine Studio and of course my CT obligations................so I can assure you they won't be daily any longer. Probably weekly.
Previews: images are linked. Go visit and take a look at these fine products

Pineapple Plantation Designs: Funky Dots-CU friendly

Ziggle Designs: Happy

Franziska Altmann and Moon Scraps: Urban Solitude

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just basic chatter.............yes there's a freebie as well!

You've all read a little bit about my workshop in yesterday's post, if you didn't, go read it and then come back up here. Today was day 3 and it was wonderful, enlightening, informative...all that I want it to be, but................for some reason it took me a while to get in the groove kwim? I think it was because I woke up late and had to rush, meaning I didn't get a chance to make coffee. Of course even though I was running late I HAD to stop in at Timmy's and grab myself a coffee for my hike into the city. For non-Canadians, Timmy's is for Tim Horton's which is a very popular coffee chain here. I arrive at my workshop not as late as I was worried I would be (thank you back country roads with no police on them today) and see there were 2 people who arrived at the same time. Just kind of put me 'off' at first. We did community circle which enabled me to apologize and state that I felt disconbobulated (love that word and any chance I get to use it) and was looking forward to getting set. Lo and behold, there were a few of us feeling a bit 'off'.............hmmmm, atmospheric pressure changes?

I know I've had a sinus headache and felt the pressure for the last couple of days. Need rain I think, not the thunderstorms but just some nice gentle rain. See look I changed topics in mid paragraph and am all over the place, LOL.
Reflection: Here's one for you. What person helped influence you to be the person you are today?

Here's the template...................are you ready for the great name?!

Download: TEMPLATE 10 -link no longer available

Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Think it's back today...free word titles and template.

Hoping it's back anyway. The mojo helped me finish 2 templates, one that I had started and another one that just needed to be saved as PNG's. I also made these little word titles to share. Hopefully you like them and find them useful.

The word titles came about due to a workshop I'm taking right now. It's all about building a sense of community within the classroom and making children feel safe and an important member of the group. We are doing some team building activities and have been put in groups for some activities. Now I do a lot of large and small groups in my job but love having different perspectives and the opportunity to learn something new or a twist on something old is welcomed by me. I really enjoy my job and if I can take it back and bring a sense of community to a classroom, or group of students then I am a happy person. One particular thing the instructor is discussing and reminding us of is appreciation statements. It is so true that we take things for granted and many times do not stop to make a simple "I appreciate that......". Amazing how easy it is to do and the effect it has on a person is incredible.

This has inspired me (gosh knows I have needed some positive inspiration in my personal life lately) to set a goal of giving my son an 'I appreciate' daily. I tell him I love hime every day, and I do let him know how proud I am of him...........but I also take for granted that he's a good kid and don't necessarily stop to take that few extra minutes daily to tell him so.

My question to you is, 'What have you learned this week?'

Here are some previews from Scrap Orchard. I just love their stuff and have just downloaded Ziggle Designs Topsy Curvy. But I see she's coming out with a new kit this Friday called Happy (saw the preview over at DST) and will have that on my wish list. So take a peek, all items are linked, except the new one. Don't forget the new stuff comes out on Friday and always with a sale!!

Kami will also be offering a special deal on her blog if you purchase Happy, so go check it out.

Here are the words titles I mentioned and a template. Hope you like them. I appreciate all the kind words you have left for me here on my blog and at 4Shared. I also appreciate that you like my work and download it :)

Download: WORDS--link no longer available
Download: TEMPLATE 9--link no longer availableDon't you just love my originality in naming my templates? LOL
One more thing before I sign off on today's post. Don't forget to hop on over to Sunshine Studio Scraps this Friday for some fun. I can't even give you hint.......that's right, I don't have any 'inside' information and it's killing me that I don't know who the mystery designer is. All I've been told is that I will really like the kit and the designer..................have put some feelers out, asked a few questions. No hints, I have an idea but it won't be confirmed or denied so I have to wait until Friday as well. The one piece of info I do have is to bring pictures of kids looking 'cool' as in 'Joe Cool', thumbs up cool.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost it.............Pleae help me find it

It happened. I have been on a tear with my layouts and then offering up all the freebies. I knew this would eventually come and it did............the mojo is now a 'nogo'. I have two templates in the works but am just not happy with them. I started a third...............hit delete. Even with my layouts, I completed one but think it's so-so. Ahhh, wonder how long this dryspell will last? My last one was well over a month!! Maybe I'll create something other then templates, been playing with papers and a few elements but I'm just not confident enough to put them out there.

Upgraded my RAM today. I was only running 512 MB and would sometimes have issues with PSE, hopefully this will help. I installed (yes you read correctly) 1 GB today. I think it's working, not quite sure how I will know...........PSE appeared to load quicker, but it didn't act up all the time so I'm not quite sure. Went into Best Buy after my workshop and they had the 1 GB on for $39.99, too good a deal to pass up, especially when 512 is the same price. I have one slot open so I may go back and get another GB just to be 'safe', lol. Still waiting on the 'extra' $$ to purchase my EHD............is there such a thing as extra $$ any more?

Hopefully I'll be back with another template shortly. I so want to do one with circles but I'm just not happy with what I came up with......................

Have a good one!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Easy Relaxing Day and new freebie

Today we took it easy, nice and relaxing day. Had to recover from our busy weekend with baseball and hockey followed by 4 days of twindom. I didn't realize how quiet my life is with just the two of us until yesterday. The B-man said he was ready for some peace as well. Loves those cousins of his and they worship him, but a man (in training) can only take so much talk of unicorns, Littlest Pet Shop and things being 'cute'. He enjoyed the pool and hanging out but was ready to head home.
One of our adventures with the girls was going for ice cream followed by a trip to the local bird sanctuary to feed some ducks and geese. Simple trip right? Wrong............5 minutes to decide between chocolate or vanilla ice cream (soft serve) and then it was in a dish, no a cone. Got it in a cone and then had to ask for a dish anyway, LOL. Granted the one who decided to put her cone in the dish had a much cleaner face than the other one, but that's what Wet Ones are for. Off to the bird sanctuary we go to feed the ducks and geese. We get our little cups of food and into the area we go.........................well, that was the plan anyway. Of course these geese see the cups and come waddling up, my poor nieces head for the gate thinking they are going to get bit. We start feeding the hungry mob and convince the one that she is not going to get bit, in she comes after dumping her cup in one spot. Over to the big pond we go where we watch the ducks dive and the geese glide. Attention spans gone so off we went to investigate futher, looked at some Peacocks and then headed back home. The kids played and I decided what we were going to have for dinner, being the good aunt that I am I found the phone book and ordered a pizza for our last night.

It's amazing how fast you forget what it was like, I mean my guys is only 10 but what a difference in independence compared to 6. I had a great time with the girls and would do it again........in a few months, LOL.

Hard to believe summer vacatin will be over soon...........no more staying up most of the night for me. Back to a semi-regular bedtime and routine. lunches, schedules. I have a four day workshop next week I'm looking forward to, get my brain in 'work' mode.

Well I've rambled on quite a bit this evening.....but I do have a template for you. Hope you like it and if you did leave me a little note to say you were here. Have a great day!!

Download--sorry link no longer available

Upcoming events:

There is a speed scrap at Scrap Orchard today at 11 AM est. I participated in my first ever Speed Scrap a few weeks ago there and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a cool participation prize from Ellie Lash so come join us if you can......not sure I'll be there though, have some RL things I need to do :)

Sunshine Studio will be having a chat and Speed Scrap beginning at 7:30 PM est next Friday night as well. A new kit will be unveiled and on sale for the speed scrap.

Friday, August 15, 2008

MIA and new freebie

Sorry I haven't been around the last few days. It was completely unintentional. I was at my brother's watching his girls, brought my scrapping stuff and figured I could scrap to my heart's content when the kids were asleep..................um yeah. Can't do much when the internet goes down day 2 of my stay. Of course not being the account holder there was no point in me calling, so I suffered. Suffer I did!! I'm back on my computer and with internet that is working...............I hope I don't tempt the internet gremlins as I already had my 'OMG what do you mean my modem's not working and I have to wait a day or two for the new one, I will drive up right now to get it' moment. I will tell you of my 4 days in twindom hopefully tomorrow........conversations with 6 six year olds in stereo.

Exciting news (for us anyway). The B-man's baseball team took it all on the weekend. They earned league champs AND they went undefeated in the wind up tournament to take that title as well. He was pretty excited as that's two year in a row he has been on the League Championship team and Tournament winning team, in 2 different divisions. He played very well as did the whole team. It was a fun weekend, great group of kids and great group of parents. Kind of sad that baseball is over though, love it. Of course we were at the arena as well........played 2 baseball games and then 2 hours later on the ice for tryouts.

*SCRAPPING ALERT*--Fresh Fruit Friday at Scrap Orchard

It is my favourite day. Fresh Fruit Friday at the Orchard and lots of goodies in the market as well. The Pineapple Queen herself, miss Shauna from Pineapple Plantation has 2 kits out this week, one is her own called Mum's the Word and the next is a collab called Office Romance. I had the privilege of taking Mum's the Word (image is linked)on a test drive and created a layout using it. Love the colours and the feel of this kit. Shauna also has a freebie addon on her blog for this kit which you can find here; Mum's the Word freebie. Of course this kit is on sale for the first week of release, so run quick, get it.

Here is a template for you to celebrate the season that is in fact around the corner. I will do a pumpkin one soon I think..............maybe even apples. Need my template mojo back, been on fire with layouts but hitting a brick wall with my templates. Here it is and I hope you like it

Download; AUTUMN-sorry link no longer available

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thank You........and a freebie template

First of all I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. As I stated this is a new adventure for me, I can only imagine how the designers feel as it is money being taken out of their pockets. I emailed the individual, but as of yet received no response and I'm not expecting one either. She did not claim the template as her own but took all the 'stuff' out and uploaded the PSD file to her 4Shared account. I did in fact notify 4Shared and today received an email stating they had disabled the link. They are prompt and my links are all still working. Thank you to my fellow WonderGirls and everyone over at Sunshine Studio for the advice and to my peeps over at the Orchard for their support as well........what an awesome community I am part of!! Drama over, LOL.
Get ready for a long winded post as I think you may get one...................and because it's me it will probably be all over the place. I tell you since my treatments I know how a person with ADD feels, wow, still can't concentrate and focus like I used to. They don't tell you about the LONG after effects of chemo etc. I think it's because we'd tell them to stuff it! See what I mean, I so did not mean to go there.........but in two weeks it will be my second anniversary of finishing treatments......all of them. Wahoo~~

So many firsts for me today in the digiworld. I actually posted my first papers for others to see (my WonderGirl friends) and I even made an alpha..........wow look out world here I come! Going to try some titles that look like stickers, we'll see. In other digi news, there may be some other news to share, but I can't yet. So 2 big surprises may be in the works for me, in other words more reason for me to obsess over my computer. Don't know what I'm going to do when school starts back up and I have to work all day......then there's hockey season that will interfere, LOL.

I have a special treat for you. Monica of mgl Scraps has a new kit out called Crimson Gypsy (love the name) that is full of deep reds, chocolate and full of other goodies. Well what she did is made me a special coupon to post on my blog for you........that's right, the coupon here is for 20% off Crimson Gypsy until the 15th of August. So quick run to Sunshine Studio and pick this baby up!! I'm hoping I get the opportunity to play with it also, love the colours and see so much that can be scrapped with it. If you can't read it the code is CrimsonJaye and the preview is linked.
I just downloaded Franziska's new kit Dusk Dew..........waiting to unzip and start to play with this one. Need to actually sleep tonight though.....went to sleep after 5 am and then was up at 7:30 am.........so if I don't make sense I haven't been drinking, just no sleep.

Ok you've suffered enough, here's a template for you. I will be at my brother's watching his girls while they are away on a trip so I may or may not be as visible Sunday-Thursday. He has PSE so I'll what I can come up with :)

Download: TEMPLATE 7--sorry link no longer available

Friday, August 8, 2008


OK, I'm new to this game and started making templates as a way to be creative. When I first started digital scrapping I relied heavily on templates, thank you Andrea Gold! I still enjoy using them once in a while but have found I really like to make them. Here's where this is going..........I just saw that someone else is offering up one of my templates from their 4Shared account. I d/l the file out of curiosity and sure enough there it is, just the PSD file. TOU and preview are both gone.......why? I give them for free on my blog and will continue to do so. I left 2 comments for them on their 4Shared and wrote down their email address but what next? Do I bother emailing this person and letting them know? Is it worth the hassle for me, I mean mine are freebies.

Needless to say no freebie tonight, not sure what I want to do next. The photomasks are fun and I enjoy them but am having a bit of a block as what to do. The frames were fun too but wasn't in the mood to do any.

There's some news I'm waiting on...........will be sharing it in a couple of weeks. Don't want to say anything and jinx myself. Let's just say I'm very excited about it.

Completed some layouts today. Did one using Scrap Orchard's August Mega Back 2 School, it's a sweet kit with lots of goodies in it. If you want CU items, alphas, brag book, papers, elements.....it's big and fun, the colours are great.

I made a QP for the QP Olympics over at Sunshine Studio. This month the featured kit is Bohemian Rock Candy by Franziska and it is available for 20% off. It's a great deal, you get the kit on sale, make a QP of your own, submit it and at the end of the month you receive all the QP's that were made from the kit. Kind of like receiving your very own album.

Shameless advertising section:

Available at Both: Franziska's Dusk Dew
Polka Dot Plum's Road Trip

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hockey Season?! New Frame Freebie

Well the living room is finally put back together and looks good I might add. The pics I posted don't give it justice I'm afraid. Finished my 'accent' wall in the dining room as well, haven't move the furniture back yet............so tired of paint and rollers wanted absolutley nothing to do with it today.
In other news, my brother and his wife leave for their anniversay trip today. I volunteered to take my nieces for a few days............I must be crazy. The few days is Sunday to Wednesday and we're going to their house, why? Can you say nice big house with inground swimming pool? It should be interesting to say the least. Good news is I will DS with me for most of it any way.

Summer is close to being over......how do I know? Went to the sports shop today for skate sharpening and heat molding. He hits the ice for the first time this season on Saturday. Two ball games in the morning (wind up tourney) and then on the ice for an hour and a half. There are seven kids on his ball team all trying out for the same hockey team. We dropped lucky with game schedule or there would be a lot of us in quite a pickle!

On to the freebie. I tried something different today. Am losing the mojo for the photomask, need to refresh and rejuvenate. I created some frame masks instead, hope you like them. There are five in this set 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 size. The possibilities with these are endless. I will make some more photomask templates..........fall and Hallowe'en are coming :)

Please let me know what you think, should I keep making these? If you don't like them then I'll go back to the others. What you see in the preview is what you get in the file.
Yes I tried my hand at 'packaging'............need a lot of work. But I did make the paper by myself, LOL.
Download: FALL FRAMES--link no longer available

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Room Painted and Another Free Template

I finished the one wall in the dining room I wanted to do, I now have my darker 'accent' wall.....great right? Well.................now I notice the ceiling looks out of whack so I need to paint that as well. Will this ever end? LOL. I could have done that today but am so tired of seeing paint that I'm dreaming widths of tape and paint colours.
As far as my layouts, I managed to get 2 completed today, one before starting to paint and one after. Also got a template ready BEFORE midnight today, LOL. Of course as I'm writing this on Tuesday evening ready for posting tomorrow morning.

Thank you for the suggestions for some words. I will get to work on the fall ones. In honour of school starting soon I made a school one for you. This one is different as you'll see but I did include the traditional 'mask' as I have been doing so you have options if you don't like my attempt at being creative. Send me a link or a copy of what you've done, I would love to see them. I have to admit I got a huge rush seeing one of my templates in use............what a feeling. If anyone would have told me 2 months ago that I woud be doing this I would have laughed at them. I've been dabbling in making papers.............we'll see, not sure any of those are ready for public consumption.

Here are my living room pictures--during, and after. Now the white walls you see in the before pictures are AFTER they have been skimmed. It's an old house with plaster walls so when I took the wallpaper off, lets just say part of the wall went with it. The colour is a taupe/gray, and I just love it! My camera is not a fancy one by any means so my indoor pics are not the best.
The template. Download; SCHOOL--link no longer available