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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lost it.............Pleae help me find it

It happened. I have been on a tear with my layouts and then offering up all the freebies. I knew this would eventually come and it did............the mojo is now a 'nogo'. I have two templates in the works but am just not happy with them. I started a third...............hit delete. Even with my layouts, I completed one but think it's so-so. Ahhh, wonder how long this dryspell will last? My last one was well over a month!! Maybe I'll create something other then templates, been playing with papers and a few elements but I'm just not confident enough to put them out there.

Upgraded my RAM today. I was only running 512 MB and would sometimes have issues with PSE, hopefully this will help. I installed (yes you read correctly) 1 GB today. I think it's working, not quite sure how I will know...........PSE appeared to load quicker, but it didn't act up all the time so I'm not quite sure. Went into Best Buy after my workshop and they had the 1 GB on for $39.99, too good a deal to pass up, especially when 512 is the same price. I have one slot open so I may go back and get another GB just to be 'safe', lol. Still waiting on the 'extra' $$ to purchase my EHD............is there such a thing as extra $$ any more?

Hopefully I'll be back with another template shortly. I so want to do one with circles but I'm just not happy with what I came up with......................

Have a good one!


Janel said...

Don't worry, Jaye. You will find it!!

cjpeterson38 said...

We appreciate your trying anyway! Have a wonderful weekend.