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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorry and a couple of freebies for you

Lots of rambling but I will save you all of my babble today, lol.
I wasn't anticipating being a non poster for a week...........so sorry, I've had good intentions and even have some freebies for here but alas I haven't gotten them uploaded to 4Shared. I am also going to post the minikit and alpha that I created for the Sunshine Studio newsletter a couple of weeks ago, so if you don't/didn't receive the newsletter you will get the kit here, hopefully tomorrow.

I have been doing the Friday Freebie the last couple of weeks for the Sun blog this week it's a template, and last week it was some wordart. If you would like them, click on the images below and you will be taken to the exact post on the Sun Blog and click from their blog (did that even make sense? It's 2 AM here so I'm not sure I am making sense). Here are the previews and if you click on them it will take you right to the blog (I hope as I have been known to screw links up before).

click either on the above image or here and you will be taken to the Sun Blog and you can download the wordart from there :)

click on the image or here to be taken to the post on the Sun blog that contains this template created by me

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've Been Bitten!

Yep, I swore I wasn't going to get into it but I think now I'm hooked. There was nothing on TV and nothing on the movie channel so I decided to see what was on HBO On Demand. Well I looked under series and found True Blood which everyone is talking about. I swore that I would stay true to my Anne Rice vamps Lestat and Armand (not the horrible movie either) but I decided I'd check it out, figured I'd watch the first episode and at least give it a chance. That was seven episodes ago!! Now I want to/need to finish watching season 1 and will move on to season 2 tomorrow/today, with the insomnia in full tilt this should be an easy task.

So I'm off..........sorry no goodies tonight, I took a bit of a break from photoshop yesterday :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Afternoon and Free Add on to Heaven Sent

My brother called me this morning asking what the B~man and I were doing today as he was inviting us over for a swim and bbq. B~Man was at his dad's and then headed over to a friends for another sleepover, I on the other hand was just going to be sitting here at home. So my parents and I headed over there this afternoon. It was a nice afternoon, dinner and turned into evening. I discovered a beer I actually don't mind drinking...........Bud Light with lime, may actually go purchase myself a little six pack (it'll probably last until Thanksgiving, lol)

On the way home I saw these dark figures in the field and slowed down the car, we stopped and watched 6 deer grazing as the fireflies were blinking away..............so peaceful and quiet. I could have stayed at the side of the road just watching for quite a while but I had my parents with me so we had to go.

I did add on to my portion of Heaven Sent, but only a little. If you participated in the monthly layout contest over at Sunshine Studio Scraps you will have all of this except for a few new elements. It's free so I guess you can download it again and just delete what you received :). I know it's heavy on papers but I have so much fun making papers and struggle with elements as I don't want to put 4 of the same thing just different colours, so it is a little scarce in that department. Anyway, enjoy it!! Hope you like it and maybe I'll get some mojo flowing and finish one of the other three I have started that are just sitting there. Thank you all so much for your kind comments here and at 4Shared, I really appreciate them. As always you can click on the image or down below.
Download: Heaven Sent-Add On
Until next time...........have a good one!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hockey (yes I know it's summer) and a freebie template

We can breath a sigh of relief here in my house, the B~man had hockey tryouts again today and was pulled in by the coaching staff at the end and welcomed to the team. I have a happy boy who in his words stated "I don't have to live with the anxiety all summer now. Glad in August it will be practice and not another tryout". He'll feel a bit weird I'm sure when he plays against his former team but is excited at the new prospect that us moving brought him as well. Bottom line is he's playing travel hockey again and is very happy.

Hope you are signed up for the Sunshine Studio newsletter..............the matching alpha to my mini kit from last week is in it. I will eventually put both up on my blog but it won't be for a while. Here's what the alpha looks like.

I do have a template for you tonight though. I was really hoping to get some new elements for my part of Heaven Sent done but it just didn't happen this weekend.

Download: Template

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free Matching Alpha and Embarassment for Me

Ready for one of those 'oh no' moments? Last night I'm lazing around watching Big Brother and didn't have a productive day around the house at all. Meaning I didn't dust, sweep, wash the two pans that were in the sink or make my bed and I looked like blaaah. My landlord shows up with the two window screens I have been waiting for 2 months.......................one of them for my bedroom!! Ugh, I wanted to crawl in a hole. I mumbled something about having one those days where you wonder why you got out of bed and desperately hoped he didn't notice the bra that was half hanging out of the laundry basket.

Here's an alpha I was playing around with, it matches Heaven Sent Again and is actually made from one of the papers I created for the WG Collab Heaven Sent. You can click on the image or the word 'Alpha'
Download: Alpha

Have a good one!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you for the kind comments

I just wanted to say thank you to those who left kind comments about my first ever kit being posted on my blog, and to all who have downloaded it. I am overwhelmed, honestly. I really hope you like it and hope to somewhere run into a layout using it........please feel free to link me up if you do, I'd love to see it and of course leave some love. I'm hoping to put my portion of the original collab up this weekend but like I said I think I need to add some more elements, we'll see if the mood strikes me, lol.

Quiet day for me, the B~man went to a friends for the afternoon and overnight. I sat and watched Big Brother.............already know which ones annoy me, lol. Jessie being the 13th house guest, ugh! Couldn't stand him the first time around don't want to see him again, was hoping it would be Brian that got in. Oh well, we'll see how this plays out as the weeks go on.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, catch you later!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first free kit on my blog and rambling of course

The rambling first of course as I've rediscovered my poor old blog so I better use up the space for some words. Wow, holy run on sentence there, lol.
We did the orthodontist thing on Tuesday, um yeah, need a second job, a rich boyfriend or win the lottery. B~man needs braces, which I knew but turns out the problem is more than the obvious of severely crooked teeth and an overbite. His jaw is too small and not aligned properly add to that has an eyetooth that is somewhere up in the jawline as it has nowhere to go. I felt like a heel when he asked why I was just starting this now...........I stumbled about how I asked our previous dentist about it a couple of years ago and then I got very ill, all true but I still felt like a heel. The dentist seemed to understand and reassured me it wasn't too late but not to put it off much longer. We go back in 2 weeks for the diagnostics, where they will measure and all that stuff so I know what I'll be in for. That visit is going to cost me $375 (yikes!!) but they have lowered their price on braces so they will only cost me $5000 (only?!)............. the hopes of heading to Florida next March break will now be going into teeth *sigh* it never ends for me, lol. But the bright side is my guy will have his teeth fixed and can smile widely without being self conscious, well worth giving up any trip :)

Ok, I am taking the plunge here. I made an addition to my portion of the Wonder Girls collab, Heaven Sent (it was available at Sunshine Studio Scraps for the monthly layout contest). This is all new, so if you have the collab you now have some extras. I might put my portion up here but I'll have to make some more elements (lots of papers already, lol). So here is my big debut on my blog...................I present Heaven Sent Again tadaaa!!! You can click on the image or down below.

Download: Heaven Sent Again

Enjoy and have a good one!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks Yous and Ramblings

Another gorgeous sunny day today.............and I hid inside and admired the warmth from indoors. How sad is that? Truth is the sun and I don't get along very well, you are talking to someone who burns through the sunroof in her vehicle. So as much as I like being outside, when I walk out and can feel the sun I retreat back indoors.

Today is the big day................the consult with the orthodontist for the B-man. *sigh* Not looking forward to the looooong list of expenses this is going to hit. That vacation that I have have been dying to take for the last three years is not only on the back burner, but on someone else's stove in another country, lol.

Anyway a friend (thanks Teri) brought to my attention some miswording in my TOU that makes it look like anything from is not S4H or can't be used for cards etc. That is so not me, lol. Please feel free to create cards, calendars and yes my stuff is S4H. If you would like a copy of my updated TOU then please email me (jayediddesigns att gmail dott com) or leave a message here and I'll make sure to send it to you. I will tell you that anything new from me will have the updated TOU in it.

I also want to give a shout out to Elaine.........thanks for the vote of confidence and the wonderful comment, I really appreciate it. B~man is doing the sleepover thing at a friends and I may just sit and addon to one of my projects and post here. Think I have four in the works right now, just need to be finished off, lol. I get going and then decide I'm bored with the colours so move on to a different one.

Although Big Brother starts Thursday night so my butt will be planted firmly in front of the TV that night. This is when I wish I had a laptop that was useful (can anyone say Dell Inspiron 1510....14 GB HD? Yep outdated or what?), didn't overheat and the battery lasted longer than 10 minutes. Laptop fairy please come and visit me, an nice pink Dell or the fancy white HP is all I'm asking for, hehehehe.
Til next time................have a good one!!

Productive and a Free Template

Summer came back!! Yep, the sun was out, blue sky and white puffy clouds. The temperature also climbed up to where it should be, warm but still more than bearable to keep the windows open. I love my AC but if I can have a breeze and windows open I'm all over it.

It did make me long for the house though with my fish pond and my laundry line. I could just smell my sheets blowing in the wind *sigh*. I am now bound and determined to find a way to construct a laundry line on my little space (can we say 15 feet) that I can put away so I may have my fresh outdoor smell bedding. Think I've figured out a spot it just means I can't sit on my deck while the sheets are drying and I could only do one bed at a time. But when then there's a will there's a way!!

Today was a bit better of a day I must say. Thank you Heather for the kind comment you left :)
I did another monochromatic layout today, all white except the purple flowers in my pics, very different for me but I felt like stepping outside of my comfort zone. The kit I used was Dreams in Colour: Light by Studio mgl (I might add all the DiC series is on for 50% off, individual or bundled) and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
The kit, my layout and then the template.

The result of this layout is a template, You can click on the image or down below in order to download it. Enjoy, have fun, use it and if the mood strikes you come back and link me up, I'd love to see what you created.Download: Template 30

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Needed a little scrap therapy

Did a little bit of scrap therapy tonight. Have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately and today was worse, just have some things going on I need to get sorted out. The hard part is some of the 'junk' is beyond my control and the other is something I think is small that I'm just making into something it isn't because of all the other 'junk'. OK am I even making any sense? Just feel like last month I was almost on top of the world and now I'm below sea level..........
I work hard, and give my all but sometimes it feels unappreciated and taken for granted. You know that, 'she's reliable, she can take it' type of thing. Whereas others do something small and get heaps of praise? Hmmm, this is turning into a bitch session and so not what I wanted, lol so I will stop now.

Anyway on a positive note, I have my very first solo kit up for grabs and I am stoked!! It's in the Sunshine Studio Scraps newsletter and the alpha will be following next week. Want a sneak peek (for the two of you that may actually read this dusty old thing)? Here it is!! If you want the alpha get signed up for the newsletter!! I may be offering the kit at a later time here on my blog if you don't catch it this time. I'm also thinking of expanding on my portions of the Wonder Girl collabs and turning them into minikits and putting them up here, we'll see if my confidence remains, lol.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Where have I been?

I think I got lost somewhere in cyberland. I just realized how long it's been since my last post.......wow! I won't bore you with all the unexciting events in my life but I will say that school is out and I am now officially on summer vacation!!

I made this layout that I am really proud of. So proud of my idea that I turned the layout into a template. I used the collab Americana by Ziggle Designs and Tracie Stroud to scrap my Canada Day pictures.

Here is the kit, my layout and following that is the template. So to my fellow Canadians I hope you had a good one!! You can click on the image of the template or on the words Canada Flag underneath it.

Enjoy and of course the usual stuff, don't share the link, send them here........you know the drill.
Download: Canada Flag

Hopefully I won't be gone so long........................