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Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you for the kind comments

I just wanted to say thank you to those who left kind comments about my first ever kit being posted on my blog, and to all who have downloaded it. I am overwhelmed, honestly. I really hope you like it and hope to somewhere run into a layout using it........please feel free to link me up if you do, I'd love to see it and of course leave some love. I'm hoping to put my portion of the original collab up this weekend but like I said I think I need to add some more elements, we'll see if the mood strikes me, lol.

Quiet day for me, the B~man went to a friends for the afternoon and overnight. I sat and watched Big Brother.............already know which ones annoy me, lol. Jessie being the 13th house guest, ugh! Couldn't stand him the first time around don't want to see him again, was hoping it would be Brian that got in. Oh well, we'll see how this plays out as the weeks go on.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, catch you later!!


Maisie_D said...

Gorgeous kit!

Amanda said...

I feel the same way about Big Brother! I hope he pulls a very painful muscle!
Braces are a hard road financially, I always wanted them, I had very crossed front teeth, but we we couldn't afford them. I think I was married for 3 years and got them, I felt soooo confident and loved my smile, too bad I stopped wearing my retainers and they are just as crossed as they were before braces!