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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Much Today but I do have a template

Sorry all, no new template today, this is one I offered on my old blog a while ago, but no one ever visited so I guess it could be kind of new, LOL. I was up until 4:40 am and then woke back up just after 8 am. Been in kind of a fog all day. I'm running out of words to think of....was thinking of a series, Live, Love, Laugh....what do you think?
I finally got motivated to move at 2:30, jumped in the shower and went into town. Here's how that went;

How to go through money very quickly
1. gas in truck $80.00 (it's down to $1.22 per litre) pretty much filled it.
2. oil change $30.00 (don't remember the exact amount but they had a special on it)
3. got some of my layouts printed out(see the story further down for my gushing) $22.00
4. new blank cd's, coffee, album for above picture, $48.00
5. groceries $146.00 (sad thing is I didn't buy any meat, I mean I bought some chicken ham for lunch and some haddock, but no meat, kwim?

Ok, so I spent $326.00 today, $55.00 was for 'me' things I guess, the pictures, album, cd's. The rest....necessity. I don't do 'me' things anymore, I can't.....but boy do I miss those days sometimes.

On to my layouts. I have all these layouts I've done sitting on my computer, wondering ok I have all these hours poured into these what do I do with them? Printing options where I live are limited to say the least again see the above post about budget (who am I kidding I'm beyond a budget it's more like holy cow I paid all the bills this month). Any way, I put 12 of them on a CD and off to WalMart I went, I only had one developed as I wanted to see how it turned out....OH MY goodness, I was completely blown away! Yep, in went the cd and had the other ones developed as well. I then bought the little 8 x 8 scrapbook to put them in. Now obviously I have more that 12 layouts but these were just of my nieces. I will be giving the book to my brother tomorrow as a thank you gift for being not only a wonderful brother but a great friend as well. How did I do it? I scrap in 12 x12, so what I did was open a document in PSE as 8 x10 on a white background. I then opened my layout, placed it on top and resized to 67% it fit the page perfectly width wise, but now I'm thinking I may take them down to 65% so they fit better in the scrapbook. Needless to say I was (still am) very excited.

I'm signing off now as I intended on going to bed at a decent time................it's after midnight, my eyes aren't seeing straight and I need to sleep. I did't even put all my groceries away, there's still a bag with some dried goods sitting in front of the cupboard...........I so need to get my act together.

Ok, you've read on (hopefully). Hope you like it and I should be back tomorrow with a new one.

Download here: TEMPLATE--sorry link no longer available
So as I've rambled on enough times, my house is up for sale (keep hoping if I say it enough someone will buy the stupid place). I just dropped the price, the market is very soft right now and hey it's an old house and needs some work. My brother's friend is coming tomorrow to put the new bathroom floor in (nice floor and I got it for free) and to skim my walls in the living room and hallway. With the house being old circa 1929 the walls are plaster so when I pulled my wallpaper off........well you know what happened, part of the plaster came off as well. Of course then I got sick and everything came to a halt, mind you the soon to be ex hubby could have finished but well we just won't go there. My job is to finish taking the bits of wallpaper down, hopefully then I can paint next week and the house won't look like a fixer upper but an actual house.
Didn't go to my parents as I'm home getting my walls ready, will be going to the show with my mom probably next week.
Ok, so instead of doing my walls I sat here and made another template. In other words I will be up all night finishing what I could have done this moring!

But I did make another template. This one has some extras in it so it's bigger. I did two versions of the photomask so you have choices! The one looks like it's 'cutout' and the other one is just regular, no drop shadow or anything. The same with the hearts, I was playing around and created 2 versions.........translated, both versions are in the PSD and the PNG files. The preview I'm showing is the 'cutout' version with both hearts used.
Enjoy, and I would love to see some of your layouts or creations. Send them to me at jayediddesigns(at)gmail(dot)com.

Download here: BEAUTY--sorry link no longer available

Here's a layout I did with it, posting here instead of on my slide. Love the way this turned out as I was playing with recolouring in the photo. The water is actually a greeny colour and the girls waterwings were bright yellow. So proud, I keep learning new things everyday.....of course the trick is remembering how you did it.
The kit I used was made by Vicki and is called Beach Holiday. You can find her blog here A Work in Progress, she does wonderful work, check her blog out....not only is it great, but it's free. Go look and please remember to leave her some love when you download her wonderful items.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unreasonable and Freebie template

Heehee, how funny is this I'm writing today for my post tomorrow. In other words if I hadn't said anything you would never have known, LOL. Went to my mom's for the day and staying for night so we can go to the show. She has no internet and I brought the laptop last time but the people around her that have wireless have it secured. I will post my 'review' of the movie when I get home tomorrow night, I"m anticipating it will be good fun. No worries though, there is another template for today.
Thank you for the dog stories, I knew I wasn't being unreasonable. They're not the reason I have my house up sale btw, just one more reason I want it to sell, lol. They keep to themselves and are friendly, it's just the dog issue. My guy has been bitten 3 times, all by small dogs, the first time we were delivering something for my sister in law and as we turned to leave the little dog ran out the door and got him on the back of the leg, the second we were at a friends and the kids were sitting on the couch playing Nintendo and grandma's chihuahua came up and latched onto his thigh. That was a pretty bad bite, still has the marks. Needless to say when most kids see a shepherd or a Rotweiler and hide mine is fine, you get a chihuahua or some other fluffy thing and he is the one saying get it away from me. Ok, l have to post a picture of my puppy.....so he's 4 years old and 85 lb.s.
I'm still going strong on completing challenges, am up to date on the ones at Scrap Orchard, although I missed last week's wordart challenge.........don't know where the week went as that is usually the first one I do. I am not good at journalling and am always game for a great quote or title, Bethany does not disappoint, her work is fabulous. I love to write but journalling is difficult for me, more in that I can't cut what I want to say down into less words, so my journalling ends up being way too long.

Here's another word template for you. Enjoy........and as always, let me know you were here.

Download: BIRTHDAY--sorry no longer available

Don't forget....Sunshine Wonder Week is in full tilt with daily download, font challenge, elements challenge, pimp my page.......so much to list. The featured collab Jigsaw Pieces (which I love the colours of) is on sale for this week only as well...run, go, have some fun.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog Days of Summer and 2 Freebie templates

Today was pretty uneventful. But I have a story from Friday......now tell me, do you think I'm being unreasonable?
First the background info: next door has little white yappy dog (let me clarify I am not a dog hater, have a yellow lab, prior to that had 2 lab x shepherd mix) that drives me up the wall. It has taken to coming in my front yard or the side yard between the houses and leaving a deposit. Earlier in the year it bit my son on the leg, I was with him when it happened and we were walking on the shoulder of the road and it came at him. I went to them immediately and suggested they finish fencing in their yard or get a kennel area. This dog has know taken to coming across my front yard and chasing after people.
The boy and his friend were coming home from their pizza lunch uptown and were walking up the driveway...I hear the yapping of this annoying little creature and then hear my son yelling out the dog's name to go home. I stick my head out the window to tell it to go home as well. The boys come in the house and my guy is upset, I've had enough so I go next door. In the meantime their son is putting the dog in the garage....in other words they know darn well what just happened! I go over and politely let the lady of the house know what just happened, and about the dog coming across my lawn after people. When I tell of her her dogs 'deposits' she says to me...get this 'well she doesn't do that in our yard'....I'm thinking oh no she did not just say that. My response was (still being polite) 'no because she's doing it in my yard'. I tell her again that they need to either finish their fence or tie the dog up as they're liable and it's already bitten my son once. She then says to me 'well he kicked her'
Ok, I about fell over! I looked and my exact words were 'don't go there. I was there the day she bit him and you know that. He kicked at her when she went for a second bite. We've always had dogs and my son knows how to treat them. I think I've been reasonable by not reporting her or you to animal control. You need to do something and do it now.' She then tells me they're getting a male dog so they can breed her and sell the puppies!!!
I mentioned that I still have the kennel and dog house behind my garage from when my dog was a puppy and we didn't want to leave him in the yard unattended when we weren't home. Yep, sold them my kennel and doghouse, lol. I bought the kennel for $50.00 4 years ago, we made the doghouse from extra wood and shingles we had...............sold it all for $60.00.
I think I was being pretty fair. I feel better now I've vented. Man I need this house to sell, I have to get out of here!!

I had a request from one my mod buddies over at Scrap Orchard for a 'Prince' template as she has only boys. I obliged, gave her first crack at it and this is the result (I asked if I could post it on my blog). So guess what? You got it, the prince tempate will be the freebie..............actually I'm feeling kind of generous and have one for graduation that I'm putting up as well.
credits: layout by scrappinmint
kit: Boys of Summer by the Seedlings available at Scrap Orchard
Download here: PRINCE -sorry link expired

Download: GRADUATION --sorry link expired
As always, let me know you were here.......I'd think no one was but I see the amount of downloads. A little 'hey, thanks' is greatly appreciated, if I downloaded from you I would. Please tell me what words would you like to see?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ramblings and a Freebie Template

Had a wonderful time at my brother's today. The kids swam pretty much all afternoon and then again after dinner. My guy hasn't seen his grammy in a month!! Well, my nieces either, due to mom's infection and the kids' age, so they were all excited to see her. I know she was happy to see them, missed her grandkids.
Mom and I have made plans to go see Mama Mia on Monday night.....girls night out. I love Colin Firth and can't wait to see him, of course Pierce Brosnan is very easy on the eyes as well.
I have to share something that happened to me Friday. I had the realization that my little guy is honestly growing up. Wow, I looked at him in a whole new light. I was listening to his conversation with his buddy (not intentionally, he was in the same room as I was) and they were making plans to meet uptown for lunch. Now keep in mind I live in a village of about 1200 people, so we're talking one stoplight, 2 convenience stores, coffee shop and 2 pizza joints. I've lived here 13 years but am an outsider because I'm not related to anyone.....get the picture?
He hangs up the phone and looks over to see me chuckling and gets a quizzical look on his face, so of course I explain I'm not laughing at him, just marvelling at how quick it seems he's grown this year. I don't see my little boy anymore but a the beginnings of a young man..............it's kind of scary but also wonderful to watch. I am so proud of the person he is today.
Ok, I made you wait long enough. here is the template and if you so desire the link is fixed for the word art...click on the words Missing Pieces in the post below this if you desire the wordart.
I went a different route with this template but I may go back to the word ones, I'm having fun with those. Download *sorry link no longer available*

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Link fixed--Freebie wordart

So sorry, the link has now been fixed.

Missing Pieces WordArt

So Sorry

So sorry for the inconvenience, I will get the link fixed this evening. I'm sneaking on at my brother's house right now........

News and of course a Freebie!!

Ok, I usually gets my post ready the night before as has it all organized did not do so last night. So here I am doing it all now, lol. I participated in my first speed scrap last night over at Scrap Orchard, and had a blast. They called it 'Make it Snappy' and then we met in the chatroom for some fun with Kami and Mel as they fially made it to Arizona. The Make it Snappy is going to be happening again soon (I'll post the date) and Kami has said we'll do a chat again, but an afternoon one so all of our international girls can join in.

To help kick off we Wonder Girls have a bit of a blog party for you. That's right our Missing Bits n Pieces of Yesterday kit has made a reappearance and is available for anyone who missed some of the pieces (yes, pun intended, you may laugh now at my sad attempt at humour). Check out the schedule of events, scroll down for my part of the kit and follow the links for the rest. Hope to see you on the sunny side this week!
This is an example of one of the pieces of wordart....there are three in the download. You'll just have to trust me that you'll like the other two, lol. In my attempt to clear out old files......I kind of accidentally deleted the preview, sorry. You can click the image for download or click MISSING PIECESNow for the other girls blogs here are the links!
Jen: http://jenuineartistry.blogspot.com/
Laura: http://lauras-little-world.blogspot.com/
Ale: http://madamewing.blogspot.com/
Dani: http://danisdelusions.blogspot.com/
Janel: http://janelscraps.blogspot.com/
Mandi: http://www.mandanickell.blogspot.com/
Teri: http://teri-scrappingmylife.blogspot.com/
Wendy: http://mydigispot.blogspot.com/
Heather: http://www.embracingthechaos.blogspot.com/
Mari: http://mari-lovelyscraps.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday and another Freebie Template

No stories from me today........sat and pretty much wasted the day away to be honest. Added 2 layouts to my slide up above. I do have some great news though!! They released my mom from the hospital finally. I won't go into the gory details as to why she was in there so long (a month), let's just say it started out with gall bladder, pancreatitis and then she ended up with 2 infections that you contract through heavy duty antibiotics and being in a hospital. The 2 infections are what kept her in there the last 2 weeks. Anyway we are going to have a BBQ on Saturday at my brother's to celebrate mom's 'freedom'.

Other exciting news?! I got the email today.......I was accepted as a guest CT member for Franziska for the month of August!!! Am I over the moon or what!! This was the first CT I've applied for and am thrilled to be accepted as a guest. My new goal, to become permanent and to get on a CT for SO and SUN......have to have something to shoot for :)

As a Canadian I have to do the obligatory weather discussion here for you......today it was partitally cloudy and comfortable. Was able to keep my window open all day again.....no air conditioning needed......hahaha Hydro man, keeping my few pennies in my pocket.

*Scrapping Alert*
Scrap Orchard---Kami and Mel are also on the road moving Mel to another state. The antics so far have been hysterical.............can't wait for the update. They're lucky I don't have the power or I'd put their stores on sale, but alas I do not. Kami has a cute kit called Topsy Curvy that will be released Friday and she's offering a really good deal right now plus the gallon of gas sale.. I love the colours and it's funky fun. Here's a sneak peak.

Sunshine Studio---Sunshine Wonder Week will be kicking out in full force this weekend!! Yep, we've worked hard to bring you more fun and prizes and deals all centered around the Jigsaw Pieces collab, I just love the colours on that kit. The new designers are settling in and putting more goodies in their stores.......been looking and adding to my wish list.
Kiki, one of the new designers at Sun is having a CT call and it runs until the end of the month. You can find more info at Sunshine Studio Scraps or at DST. Go, run, quick apply!!

Freebie time!!! Yep I did another one. I was going to offer a 'Prince' template to go with 'Princess' but I don't know.....just doesn't have the same connotation. I'll do it if people are interested.

Download here; *sorry link no longer available*
As always, please leave me a little note letting me know you were here. I can't believe the downloads of my little templates.....wow I'm amazed and thrilled.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ramblings, News and Freebie Template

Ok, first the good news.........I got my layout finished that I couldn't get done and I'm so proud of it. I used Beckie Wallace's kit Batter Up, love the colours. I had so much fun working with it and really like the way my layout turned out. I also got a layout completed with No Prince Required from Ziggle Designs and........a template done which you will get at the end of my post. Think my problem maybe RAM related.........I had itunes going while working in PSE when I was having my 'issues'....no itunes and I got all that done...coincidence? I'm not sure but I'll try without listening to music and see if I don't get error messages, if I don't then that's what it was and easily solved. I put my new layouts in my slide show.
Ready for a story? The real estate agent called today to discuss reducing the price on my house. We've had people through but no offers, interest but no show me the money. So here goes the conversation:
RE-what kind of a reduction would you be willing to do $10,000?
me-hum, I know what I need out of the house, I go $10,000 I know what people will come in at. Do you want to get paid?
RE-yes, I want to be paid
me-well then we can't go a $10,000 reduction, unless you're willing to reduce your commission, I think $5,000 is reasonable. My house wasnt' overpriced to begin with but the market sucks right now and I know it.
RE-$5,000 is very reasonable, the house that is lower than yours is not comparable at all
Me-good, find me a buyer.

B-man had a baseball game tonight. They started off slow, and were down three runs by the second inning, didn't look like themselves. Suddenly they woke up, started hitting, catching and throwing.....squeeked out a win by 2 runs. B-man was playing catcher, whipped the mask off to make a play at home plate, kid jumped up......ball shoe right in the kisser. He's ok, no blood or teeth missing. Think it stung, he gave the kid a look, put his mask back on and got back to business....what a guy!

Scrapping Alert--Sunshine Studio
Beckie Wallace has this new adorable kit called Sadie's Garden just released and it is on sale for $4.99. It is so adorable AND she has a blog freebie to go with it, you can find the freebie from her blog here and the preview is linked to her store.

The Wonder Girls are gearing up for another Sunshine Wonder Week. This time our theme is Picking Up The {Jigsaw} Pieces. The festivities begin on Sunday with the Daily Download's first day and all kinds of other fun stuff and prizes.....come join in the fun!!!

Here's your template

Download: *sorry link is no longer available*
Hope you enjoy and let me know if you paid a visit :)

No Creativity Today :(

Sorry all no freebie tonight. The day kind of slipped away and I'm having huge issues with PSE all of a sudden. I uninstalled and reinstalled the stupid thing, no go. I'm hoping it's not a ram problem. Will see what I can figure out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update and new freebie template 'Summer'

For those of you who had a giggle about my conversation with my son, we had part 2 this morning....but it was much better, LOL

me-so what was with the sign on your door last night?
boy-nothing, I just wanted to sleep and didn't want anyone to wake me up
me-oh, so are you still angry with me?
boy-I wasn't mad at you, are you still angry with me?
me-no, I wasn't really angry, frustrated would be a better word
boy-oh so I can play on the computer then?
me-you can have a shower this morning
boy-oh, but what about.....
me-I told you no computer and the reason why, do you remember?
boy-yes, because I argued and didn't do as I was asked
me-bingo, have a nice shower and don't forget to scrub your neck
boy- can I go to Matt's?
me-you can have a shower
boy-after the shower
me-have the shower first
He did and happily went to his buddy's. I agree, boys don't care, at least not 10 year old boys who think girls are silly.................unless of course they're bouncing across the TV screen in a bikini.

So I was RAK'd No Prince Required by Kami of Ziggle Designs and can't wait to play with it. Have to get on the horn with my brother and get him to send me some more pictures of his girls. I want to play!!! If you haven't seen it here it is, so cute!
Hopefully PSE will cooperate, was being difficult earlier today, got a layout done and then told me something about a scratch disc error and then comes up with something else. I think I need to uninstall and reinstall the programme...just too lazy. Oh well here's another template for you, they really seem to be popular. Thank you for all the lovely comments, I read them all. Do you like them with the phrases or quotes or would you rather have just the photomask? I guess you could always just take the text layer out if you didn't want it. Download here: SUMMER
Enjoy!! If there are any words you would like to see let me know here on the blog and I will see what I can do.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Conversation with a 10 year old- Freebie template

Too hot be outside today, even my laundrey didn't dry on the line that's how sticky it was, ugh.

I have another freebie for you as well, just have to read some :)

The boy came home from his dad's all smiles and 'I missed you mom' (was only gone since yesterday about noon, but isn't that sweet?). Life is good, we chat for a bit and then the evening events go like this;

me-ok go have a shower, it's 8
boy-well I was swimming today
me-still not a shower
boy-*no comment
me-um, shower
boy-starts to play with cat
me- (I know this will turn into argument not going there, so I say nothing)
boy-I'm going to play PS
me-only until 9
boy-it's already 8:35
me-yes and I asked you to have a shower at 8
boy-*no comment
me-ok it's 9 bedtime
boy-what?! It's summer
me-yes and I asked you to have a shower at 8
boy-*stomps to room and comes out with little pup tent
me-and you're planning on doing what?
boy-I'm camping in the living room
me-no, you're going to bed in your room
boy-*the look
boy-but I want to camp in the living room
me-yes and I asked you to have a shower at 8
boy-*stomps into bedroom, then comes out starts making noises and ignoring me
me-by the way, there will be no computer tomorrow
boy-but I was only joking
me-I wasn't
boy-*stomps back into room and shuts door
boy-*places a 'stay out everyone' sign with angry face on it on his door (guess that means me as I'm the only other person in the house) and shuts his bedroom door.
BTW, he'll be having his shower in the morning before he does anything else. Ahhh, to think the teenage years are not even upon me yet, LOL!

Scrapping News Alert!!

Sunshine Studio has made a huge announcement...11 new desginers!! Their stores are all open and the product is flowing in. There are sales galore going on over there so head on over and take advantage. Also if you haven't already, head to the Sunshine blog and hit the links for the mega freebie collab Mango Tango. There are 24 parts to this amazing kit, we're talking big, huge, massive.

Scrap Orchard has a sale going on right now also. There's some really nice new stuff in the market from all the designers. Bethany has a buy 2 wordart packs get the third for free and Shauna's CU overlays have a sweet deal as well.

Ok, on to my freebie. I did another word template. This one kind of coordinates with 'Splash', it's called 'Sand'. Hope you enjoy and for reading all the way to here, there is a wordart overlay for you as well.

Download: *sorry link is no longer available*Download: *sorry link is no longer available*

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kaput and another freebie

The modem bit the bullet today. Translation, I was offline for the whole day!! I could have waited until Tuesday for the new one.....too long without internet. Or I could have, {gasp} gone to dialup until Tuesday....um, no I'm too darn impatient for that. Besides I did the happy dance when I finally got hi speed 5 years ago in my area, was not going to give it up. Needless to say I jumped into my truck, with gas at a $1.35 per litre and drove an hour to go pick up my new modem...........dedication? Impatience? Stupidity? Addiction? I will raise my hand to them all.

I just got Kami's (Ziggle Designs) new kit No Prince Required from Scrap Orchard. I so can't wait to play with it. Of course being the mother of a son, I won't be using it for him, but I do have twin nieces so YEAH me I get to scrap girly!!

OK, I created a 'Sand' and 'Splash' word template and added a little something something to each of them. Hope you like the little extra. Since it rained today I think I will give out the 'Splash' one. Enjoy and remember to leave me a little note letting me know you were here or on 4Shared. Not sure how long I'll keep this pace up, so come and grab while you can.

Download: *link is no longer available*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My ramblings and Freebie template 'Precious'

Been having internet issues the last couple of days......not good for someone like me who can't live without her daily dose of the web. Called my isp who had me try a few things as he thought it may be the router (would not have been good as I don't my darling son to touch my computer) so I plugged the modem directly into my machine......still got booted off after 10 minutes. The tech said he didn't like the sound of that, so I will be getting a new modem....yeah me!! Bad news is it won't be until Tuesday, so until then I get the boot at will and have to reconnect. LOL.

Temperature update today...was 88F but with the humidity added in it was 92F, in other words hot! For some people maybe not so bad, for me it's too hot. I'm a high seventies low eighties kind of girl. Love to have my windows open, don't get me wrong, would not live without air conditioning. As far as I'm concerned it's a necessity not a luxury.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment. I really appreciate it and have started my list of words that people have asked for. I had already made one for 'Precious' so that is what I'll post for today. Sarah, I have a 'Splash' one finished and will work on 'Sand' for you also. Depending on my day I may post both.
Here's the list so far; Playtime, School, Cute, Prince(ss), Laugh, Hugs, Eating, Camping, Love. I will see what I can do! Hopefully the muse will remain by my side.

Download here: *sorry link is no longer available*

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Freebie Template, General News

Ughhh, it was hot and sticky out today. Hibernated in the house with the air conditioning going, hearing the hydro meter spinning and spinning. I can't really complain though as far as the heat, today was only the 6th day I've had it going it total. Twice before for 2 days each time....not bad at all, granted we're not in August yet either.
On the house front, nothing new. Agent called today, have someone coming to see the house tomorrow. It's been shown 7 times, just need an offer. With the market the way it is right now I guess I should be happy people are coming to look....but I want an offer, lol. My advantage may be my price and I have a nice sized fenced in yard. Disadvantage, old house and needs work, but with that quirkiness also comes all the beautiful 'real' wood that is still here. I'm even talking the doors, the doorknobs are the old flat ones, skeleton keyholes. Quirky old place, but has it's charm.....just too many memories I need to say goodbye to.
By the time you read this it will be Friday (yep I'm composing this Thursday night, matter of fact it is 10:30 PM est) which means Scrap Orchard will have their Fresh Fruit Friday newsletter in mailbox and I can't wait to see what goodies are in it this week. I know Kami has a new kit coming out, a cute girly, princessy kit, that has been named "No Prince Required" thanks to a name contest held over at the Orchard.
Just visit the Sunshine blog and you'll see the list of 24 blogs to visit to collect Mango Tango for FREE, yes you read correctly, 24 blogs!! This awesome kit is to celebrate the new designers that have joined Sunshine Studio. Go further down the post and you'll see a layout I did using this kit as well as the template that I'm offereing up for all of you.
I got smart this time and included PNG files for those who cannot use PSD. If there's anyone who downloaded the previous templates and would like the PNG version please let me know which template(s) and I will post them. Speaking of downloads, a little note to let me know you were here and liked what you saw would be greatly appreciated. I do read the comments on 4Shared as well. See lots of downloads but no comments, especially for the word art.
I also received an award from ScrapShana, thank you Shana! I haven't posted it yet or added to it but I will hopefully tomorrow...Real Life got in the way today, LOL.

credits: Mango Tango, Sunshine Studio Freebie
Collab, Glitter style-Popsicle glitter by Flergs

You can download the template here: *sorry link is no longer available*
The quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, credit is given in the TOU. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Template, news the usual

I was so tired last night I didn't get my post ready or my freebie up. Can't believe it I actually slept and even slept in!!! I woke up a few times but that was due to the thunderstorm and me realizing my computer was still on......downstairs to turn off and unplug!
Temperature skytrocketed here yesterday. I finally broke down and turned the air on, the house reached 87 degrees inside and that was with the ceiling fans on........too hot for me. We've pretty lucky so far this summer with having to put the central air on, this is only the third time. Both times it was only on for 2 days, have been able to have all my windows open which I love. I need a climate that's in seventies, love eighties year round. Warm enough to t'shirts but cool enough to wear capri pants, sweatshirts. Does that make sense? LOL.

This template came about by accident, but now I see they are all over the internet. Here's a layout I did using Sunflowers from Sunshine Studio Scraps and of course the template.

You can download here : *sorry link is no longer available* If you really like this, send me some words you'd like to see (clean ones please, lol) and I may make a few more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Freebie Template

My offering for today. Hope you like it, if you do leave me a little note to let me know you were here. This was inspired by a layout I was doing using my fellow Wonder Girl Jen's new kit Summer Sundress so I thought I would share. You can download the template *link no longer available*

Here's the layout I created using the template and Jen's wonderful new kit. Which you can find at Jen*uine Artistry. Jen is giving the kit up as a freebie on her blog, there will be a total of 5 downloads so go start collecting this wonderful girly kit.

A little bird also told me that there's something exciting brewing.......not sure what it is as I don't have that info, lol, only that something's up. Sunshine Studio Designer Shawn Headley has something going on her blog.....freebies on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These are all leading up to a big surprise on August 15. So if you like surprises, go check it out! I've got piece 1 and just downloaded the second one....just follow this link Shawn Headley Designs. I'm curious to see what this will lead up to.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Freebie WordArt X 2

I decided to put up the one I used for my template layout and then was in the mood to create another. I was talking with my brother and he inspired me to use the second quote. I'm very fortunate in that we enjoy a wonderful relationship, he's not only my brother but my friend. So enjoy!

Download; Determination

Download: Branches

*If there is no name attributed to the quote either in the quote or in the TOU, then it means it was by 'unknown' or 'anonymous'. I will either put who the quote was by with the quote or in the TOU.

Don't know if I'll keep this pace up, I've just been in 'the mood' the last couple of days. If you would like the opportunity to pick up a fantastic freebie kit, hop over to my fellow Wonder Girl Jen's blog Jen*uine Artistry and start downloading. The kit is called Summer Sun Dress and the colours are so fun!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Freebie Template

Got the muse back for this evening and I created a template and a wordart. I'll share the template today and save the wordart. I also created a layout using the template using the kit Extra Extra by Shawn Headley, you can pick this great kit up here.

Here's another template and hopefully I'll be back with the wordart tomorrow.

Download Template *sorry link is no longer available*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Did It!

Franziska has a new kit out and it looks so cool! I love the colours and everything, it's very different from her previous works. Edgier would be the best way to describe it, but still with wonderful flair that I love about her designs.
Here it is Bohemian Rock Candy which you can find at Scrap Orchard and at Sunshine Studio Scraps. Seeing the name my first thought was "is she a Queen fan?", just wondering as I love that band.

What did I do? Well I went out on a limb, I applied for my first CT call. Just thought I'd give it a shot and we'll see what happens. It's a designer who's kits I really like and I know she has a great following so we'll see. You never know unless you try :) I'll keep you updated, regardless of the outcome.

I'm working on another freebie, was going to have it done today but I got distracted. I love the way text paths look and in PSE you can't do them. In PSP you can and I have PSP 9 but removed it from the computer as it looked daunting and confusing. Well I reinstalled it and.......it still looks daunting and confusing, lol. Now I want to figure out how to make text paths so I can put them in my layouts from PSE. Hopefully I'll have a wordart in a cool shape for you, we'll see how quickly I can figure it out......or should I say obsess about it. Maybe I'm feeling a template.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Freebie WordArt and Sunshine News

Here goes, the second post and another freebie. Hope you like this, it started out as journalling on a layout I was doing and I really liked the way it looked so I thought I would share it.
The preview

*sorry link is no longer available*

The second weekly newsletter is coming out (or has already found it's way into your mailbox) and is full of goodies. Wonder Girl Mandi picked a fabulous layout from the gallery using the new collab Vicki's Summer Vacation, I have a little feature called "I Was Wondering" which was fun to do, all the previews of new items in the shop, Sunshine Gallery and a newsletter freebie!
Vicki's Summer Vacation-this collab was the grand prize from the Grand Openinf of Sunshine Studio's Shop. It is jam packed full of summery goodness.

Nursery Chest by Moon Scraps-this kit was made with all kinds of goodies used in baby's (or toddlers) daily life. These are realistic pictures along with some pink/blue papers and wordart. A fun kit to play with.

Dainty Flowers-Web Designz by Kristi-I just love the colours in this one, soft pinks, greens and browns along with pretty flowers. Very versatile and soft but not pastel.

mgl Scraps-Grab Bag, well Monica took the lid off and WOW! It was full of amazing items. These items are now available indvidually in the shop. Here's one of the kits that was in the grab bag.

6 Zoo day Quick Pages made by Paper Boutique using Shawn Headley's Zoo Day kit. A fun and easy way to scrap those trips to the zoo.

Franziska is offering her new kit Bohemian Rock Candy 25% off until July 20th
Moon Scraps is offering Nursery Chest 10% off.

Let's just say that my wish list is getting longer as opposed to shorter, lol.
Here's a sneak peek at the newsletter freebie as well.

Until next time........

Friday, July 11, 2008

First post, blog freebie

Ok, I did it. Here is my very first post on my new blog. I decided to start a new blog to offer my 'creations', I've just started dabbling in creating my own word art and templates. Who knows if it will lead anywhere else, it may just stay as is. I can tell you that I would like to offer a freebie twice a week, but I can't make any promises as life gets in the way as well.
I will also forewarn you that if there's anything going on at my favourite scrapping sites the info and previews will be posted here. In other words you will see and read about what's going on at Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio. Sometimes my freebie may first, sometimes you will have to read or scroll down to get it.

First up is Scrap Orchard News--it was Fresh Fruit Friday which means the new kits are realeased and offered at exceptionally great prices. I started listing all the goodies and I would have been here forever, LOL. Just go check it out, there are amazing deals and high quality stuff. They are even offering two new services, has a blinkie maker on staff now for personal and professional needs as well as Pixel Geek which offers template design, skins, and graphics. Go take a stroll through the Market, you won't be sorry.

Ok here it is my very first freebie for this blog it's a template.
*sorry link is no longer available*