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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Much Today but I do have a template

Sorry all, no new template today, this is one I offered on my old blog a while ago, but no one ever visited so I guess it could be kind of new, LOL. I was up until 4:40 am and then woke back up just after 8 am. Been in kind of a fog all day. I'm running out of words to think of....was thinking of a series, Live, Love, Laugh....what do you think?
I finally got motivated to move at 2:30, jumped in the shower and went into town. Here's how that went;

How to go through money very quickly
1. gas in truck $80.00 (it's down to $1.22 per litre) pretty much filled it.
2. oil change $30.00 (don't remember the exact amount but they had a special on it)
3. got some of my layouts printed out(see the story further down for my gushing) $22.00
4. new blank cd's, coffee, album for above picture, $48.00
5. groceries $146.00 (sad thing is I didn't buy any meat, I mean I bought some chicken ham for lunch and some haddock, but no meat, kwim?

Ok, so I spent $326.00 today, $55.00 was for 'me' things I guess, the pictures, album, cd's. The rest....necessity. I don't do 'me' things anymore, I can't.....but boy do I miss those days sometimes.

On to my layouts. I have all these layouts I've done sitting on my computer, wondering ok I have all these hours poured into these what do I do with them? Printing options where I live are limited to say the least again see the above post about budget (who am I kidding I'm beyond a budget it's more like holy cow I paid all the bills this month). Any way, I put 12 of them on a CD and off to WalMart I went, I only had one developed as I wanted to see how it turned out....OH MY goodness, I was completely blown away! Yep, in went the cd and had the other ones developed as well. I then bought the little 8 x 8 scrapbook to put them in. Now obviously I have more that 12 layouts but these were just of my nieces. I will be giving the book to my brother tomorrow as a thank you gift for being not only a wonderful brother but a great friend as well. How did I do it? I scrap in 12 x12, so what I did was open a document in PSE as 8 x10 on a white background. I then opened my layout, placed it on top and resized to 67% it fit the page perfectly width wise, but now I'm thinking I may take them down to 65% so they fit better in the scrapbook. Needless to say I was (still am) very excited.

I'm signing off now as I intended on going to bed at a decent time................it's after midnight, my eyes aren't seeing straight and I need to sleep. I did't even put all my groceries away, there's still a bag with some dried goods sitting in front of the cupboard...........I so need to get my act together.

Ok, you've read on (hopefully). Hope you like it and I should be back tomorrow with a new one.

Download here: TEMPLATE--sorry link no longer available


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 31 Jul [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm]).

GrannyNKy said...

I really like the template! Thanks!

Jenelle said...

I just found your website through Sunshine and I have to say that I love your templates! Thank you for sharing them!

I have a request: could you do one that says Family? I've got some family pictures I need to scrap and am much to dull to come up with something myself! Your templates are way cuter than anything I could come up with anyway.

cjpeterson38 said...

Thank so much!