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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ramblings and a new template freebie

So is it wrong of me to want to sell my wedding rings? I mean they are just sitting in a little jewelery box doing nothing. I considered having my engagement ring reset and wearing it on my right hand but I don't think I could look at it without remembering. Unfortunately right now I'm looking at who he has become and not what he was. If I could see who he was then the memories would be different. Sorry if this is cryptic and not making much sense. The sad thing is I don't even want top dollar, just a fair amount. Honestly this is my way of recouping some of what I am owed and I'm sure deep down a way to get back at him :( I know not very nice of me is it?

OK, enough of that. Happy thoughts!! No wallowing in self pity and anger (although it does feel good to get it out, lol). Honestly I do have a lot to be happy about, I have a roof over my head, a working vehicle, a good job that most days I absolutely love, a fantastic son, healthy and loving parents, a brother I just adore and two of the cutest most sweetest nieces you could ever ask for. I have also just had my cancerversary, 5 years ago on Feb. 13 I got the official diagnosis and here I am with my risk rate going down each year **yippee**

On to the template. As you will see I am playing around with colours that I want to use when making my templates. I haven't quite found a combo that I want to stick with so you will see different ones I'm sure. You can click on the image to download or click below. :)

Download: Top Shelf

Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow?!

I love the look of the white stuff, especially around Christmas but enough already! Now I realize we have not been hit anywhere near some places but I have had enough!! Yes I am aware that I have already stated that a couple times, lol. We had more dropped on us early this morning and supposedly a couple more inches are coming tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be 45 and rain, what a mess!

A busy weekend for us with hockey practice tonight with games on Saturday and Sunday. Speaking of games, b~man had a fantastic game the other night. He scored a goal, blocked a couple really hard shots (has the bruises to prove it), owned the boards and skated his little heart out. The whole team played really well and the proof was on the scoreboard, it was a one goal win but against a top team. Hope the boys remember that when they play their game it's amazing what they can accomplish. Saturday's game is making me nervous as it was ugly last time we played this particular team. Cross fingers it doesn't end up that way again.

Countdown for vacation has begun!! We leave in 16 days!! Bring on the sun and some warm weather PLEASE. I am so excited and it's just that we are going away, first vacation in 7 years and the first one with just b~man and I.

I will be back tomorrow with another template :) So until then have a good one!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

I am so ready for some R & R and good old fashioned fun. All motivation has left me in terms of getting things done around the house. I'm talking making myself do laundry is quite a chore, we won't even discuss the dust that has taken over (note to self, do not buy dark furniture again). Seriously, I come home from work and want to do nothing but play on the computer or watch tv...........not good.

Need a spark, some fun, sun and laughs. Soon March Break will be upon us and I will be taking my first vacation in 7 years! Yep, the boy and I heading out to Florida for the week. It will be his first time flying so I of course booked a window seat for both ways for him :). No Disney because he has informed me he is too old (phooey) but we are going to hit both Universal Parks and I'm working on SeaWorld. His requests, are you ready? Breakfast at an IHOP and one at Denny's, lol. Seriously, my boy loves IHOP and I have a feeling if there is one close to our resort we will be there more than once during the week.

Also doing a 'me' vacation when we get back. I was tossing something around and kept finding ways to do it and then find a reason why I couldn't. In discussing the possibility with my massage therapist (who is a fab listener and all round wonderful person) I saw that I needed to do something spontaneous and completely out of character for me. I needed to quit being safe and take a chance...........I booked my flight to DigiScrap-alooza that Scrap Orchard is having. I am so excited at getting to meet the ladies whom I have conversed with, shared with, and laughed with for the past 3 years. Sharing a room with my two favourite cohorts will be a blast and I imagine lots of laughing.

I posted earlier this month (my only post of the year so far, lol) about template freebies and want to say thank you to the person who left me such a wonderful comment. Here is what I am intending as the first of more templates.

The template is 12 x 12 and includes, PSD, TIFF and PNGs files. You can download it here: Little Bits or click on the image.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I keep saying this........................

I suck, what can I say? I always have these wonderful intentions of keeping my blog up to date and I fail miserably. I honestly don't think about it and I really don't have much to say, a boring person I am.

Again, I will try to blog more often and I will offer some freebie templates if people are still interested in them, maybe a couple alphas here and there.

I'm off to see if I can learn how to customize my blog on my own.............wish me luck!