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Friday, February 25, 2011

More Snow?!

I love the look of the white stuff, especially around Christmas but enough already! Now I realize we have not been hit anywhere near some places but I have had enough!! Yes I am aware that I have already stated that a couple times, lol. We had more dropped on us early this morning and supposedly a couple more inches are coming tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be 45 and rain, what a mess!

A busy weekend for us with hockey practice tonight with games on Saturday and Sunday. Speaking of games, b~man had a fantastic game the other night. He scored a goal, blocked a couple really hard shots (has the bruises to prove it), owned the boards and skated his little heart out. The whole team played really well and the proof was on the scoreboard, it was a one goal win but against a top team. Hope the boys remember that when they play their game it's amazing what they can accomplish. Saturday's game is making me nervous as it was ugly last time we played this particular team. Cross fingers it doesn't end up that way again.

Countdown for vacation has begun!! We leave in 16 days!! Bring on the sun and some warm weather PLEASE. I am so excited and it's just that we are going away, first vacation in 7 years and the first one with just b~man and I.

I will be back tomorrow with another template :) So until then have a good one!