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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Been a beautiful week weather wise and I hope it's here to stay. I don't mind the snow but don't like that in between weather, you know when it's all gray and dingy. Seeing the sun shine and having the windows open for a bit was pure heaven...........get rid of all that 'furnace air' as I call it.

Watching Avril Lavigne's video from Alice in Wonderland right now. Gosh that girl is pretty. Of course my faves right now are Lady G (as in GaGa) and my always fave Pink. My poor son has to listen to me singing Paparazzi and So What all the time, poor kid. I say that because I can NOT sing, lol.

Who are your favourite singers/groups right now? Like everyone else mine change but I still have my old standbys who will never change, Aerosmith, Queen, Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi (plus we have the yumminess factor). Speaking of Queen my mom and I are going to see It's a Kind of Magic on Sunday night. It's a guy who apparently is a fantastic Freddie Mercury impersonator, believe he's from Scotland, I can't wait.

Just to do a little pimping here, I'm hosting the Lottery Challenge over at Scrap Orchard, if you want to check it out. It was fun doing it, must be my month for challenges as I am also hostess for the Template Challenge over at Sunshine Studio Scraps on March 30. I am really pleased with the template I created for that challenge and it will see my blog shortly. :)

Speaking of blogs, I see alot of people really enjoyed the St. Patrick's Day Sun Blog Train. Well all I can say is keep your eyes peeled and ears open. Just saying............

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Happy Birthday and a Template Freebie

I just want to wish a happy birthday to someone very special to me..................my brother. He is truly a wonderful person and someone I feel blessed to have in my life.
Wow that was pretty heavy huh?

So I am half way through March Break and as always I have accomplished nothing....zero...zip...nada. I'll go back to work on Monday and be angry with myself for not getting anything done. I spent the first couple of days pouting that I wasn't going anywhere, I so want to take a vacation. I must be responsible though and make sure my bills are covered for the summer when I am off work without a paycheque, sucks to be a responsible adult at times though. Hoping next year to take off though, or even this summer for a few days.

Bottom braces are on! I can't believe the difference in the top teeth already, they are now side by side. I didn't ever think that possible, still lots of work to do but definitely worth it. The B~man always smiled but now he smiles showing his teeth.
I am participating in March Madness over at Scrap Orchard and love the layouts that people have created for both of the challenges thus far. The second challenge was about pet peeves and it has been great fun reading what everyone has and how many are common. Lots of toilet paper rolls layouts, lol

Studio mgl has come out with another whopper of a kit. I mean wow!! You must check out Indomitable , this is just the kit but as Monica always does there are so many extra goodies you can buy separately or she has a couple bundles.

OK, so all that rambling and shameless plugging is now over. Here is a template I made from a layout called Dana (it's in my slide roll at the side if you want to see it), the layout used the kit Casual Attraction, a collab from Studio mgl and Studio Flergs. Just click on the button below to download.

Have a good one!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Break and St. Patty's Day Blog Train

Yep it's finally March break (breathe a sigh of relief), a week away from work. Very much needed as everyone is getting cranky, me especially. Getting jealous of all the people who are taking off for the week as I stay here in gray, cold rainy weather. Oh well it could be worse, I get a week off to recharge.

I am so ready for some sunshine and warmer weather. We had a few beautiful days last week and it was so nice driving with the sunroof open and smelling the outside air. The grass greened up a little bit and I started planning my gardens and what type of baskets for my deck. Too early yet but nice to start thinking of flowers and planting.
As my title says there is a Blog Train from the designers at Sunshine Studio. We also managed to snag Flergs, Monica (Studio mgl), Lliella and Madame Wing. I decided to hop on the train and participate this month as well, hope you like it. If you get lost go back to the Sun blog and jump back on.

Here is my portion. You can click on the image or down below.

The Stops:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hug your children and loved ones, I love you are simple words we need.

This is a sad post tonight, a message to cherish what you have. Hug your children, tell your family you love them. Embrace them, hold them tight and laugh at the little things that drive you crazy.
A couple of weeks ago a vehicle lost control hitting an SUV head on that carried a father and his two sons. One of the sons died in that accident leaving behind a wife, 3 children, his family and friends.

A few days ago a little boy I used to work with lost his mother suddenly.............he lost his father a few years ago. Nine years old.

Hug them, kiss them and love them, life is so fragile and can be gone suddenly. Cherish what you have while you have it.