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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Big Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you to all who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday. I really appreciated it.
So what did I do on my 'special day'? Absolutley nothing! Sat and played at the computer all day but didn't accomplish anything. Well, I got two pages of a tag album done but no layouts. Received lots of well wishes from my peeps over at Scrap Orchard and Sunshine Studio as well. The B-man.............he proudly presented me with the card he purchased this morning. So I open the envelope and start to read the card, open the card and what happens? The card starts laughing at me.......................man I love my boy. He has that weird warped sense of humour that I have, LOL. To me that was the perfect card, it was him and I loved it. As for the rest of day we didn't do much of anything. He did howeve keep coming up to me giving me hugs and saying "happy birthday mom"..........did I already say it? I love that boy.
This evening he had the couch pulled out and we laid on the sofa bed to watch a movie. Oh yeah we ate burritos, while lying on the sofabed watching a movie. It was wonderful.
Oh yeah, for those who read the post from a few days ago, he is going to grandma's for the bbq. his choice. Granted, it's because there are no plans here, LOL but nonetheless his dad called asking and I said we had no plans it was up to B-man. He decided to go so he could see his cousins again.
No freebie tonight, as I said I sat here most of the day but didn't accomplish a heck of a lot. Have a great one!