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Sunday, September 7, 2008

All is good and some new previews

A lady came and looked at the house last week and asked if she could bring someone round to check out the roof, electrical, plumbing etc on Sunday. Of cours I said no problem, not going to turn down a potential buyer. They came today, during supper of course, but oh well. Let's see if anything comes of it. I already have an offer in so it would have to be a cash offer and close to what I accepted conditionally we'll see.....

Thank you to those who left messages at 4Shared for the B-man and his disappointment at not making the team. He was ok yesterday and then today felt a lot better when we found out they went with the minimum amount of minors they can have, 5. I tell you our house league teams will be tough to beat with all these former travel players in there, but it will also be unfair to those kids who have only played house league, why you ask? In the travel system they have been allowed to body check for 2 years already, house league PeeWee is the first year. Now Hockey Canada changed the rules and have disallowed checking in Atom travel this year as well. I so wish we would go back to a minor/major system instead of A/AE..........the size difference between 10/11 year olds and 11/12 year olds is huge. I have a hockey conversation with him I would like to share, it's cute:
B-so mom, how much does house league cost?
me-$520, it's already paid. Had to in order to register you back in March
B-ok, you have to pay more?
me- no that was for travel hockey, it was $575
B-so you paid $575 for travel
me-that was on top of the $520, the other was travel fees
B-you paid over a $1000 for me to play hockey?
me-yep, and we had to pay for tryouts too, that was $100 last year
me-add the hotel room when you had tournaments
B-no wonder we haven't been on vacation, you weren't joking when you said hockey season was our vacation
me-*laugh* very true
Love my boy :)

*Previews and Scrappin' News*
Kami and Shauna have this amazing deal going on right now. If you purchase $10 from either one of their stores you get this beautiful kit for free!! Yes it is a whole kit, not a mini with 2 papers and 3 elements but a whole kit!!
These talented ladies also came together to create a wonderful charity kit called If Only In My Dreams. The proceeds from this kit will be used to help send care packages to the men and women in Iraq. Not only are you brightening someone's day but you are getting a beautiful gift also. The Mystery Mega has been revealed so if you didn't catch it when it was unbelievably priced at $3 you will now be able to see what it is but pay $10 for it...........bet you wished you listened and bought it on sale now huh?

I did some more layouts today, check up top in my little slide show and you can see the new ones I added but if you would like a stationary version then here they are:
Using Office Romance-Pineapple Plantation Designs
Using Her First Kiss-Polka Dot Plum Using Free Spirit-Franziska Altmann and Studio mgl

Have a great day!! (images are linked)


Melissa said...

It's nice that your boy appreciates what you put into his hockey. Your layouts are beautiful and gorgeous kits too.

LuAnn said...

wow those are some FAB kits!!! Isn't it a shame we have to nearly mortgage our houses to pay for sports???

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Love dthe kits you shared! My son does travel baseball in Illinois - it's expensive, too! Sigh. The things we do for love, huh?! I've stopped by to say, "Hi!", courtesy of the blog train. I'd love a visit from you: http://isladeangela.wordpress.com/