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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School, Previews, Template News and a Freebie

First day back and all went well, no tears or refusing to ever attend again.............and that was me, LOL. Day 1 is always laid back for me due to my job within the school. I make sure to connect with my students from last year, visit classes, be visible. Next week I will start planning my schedule after reorganization and schedule blips have been ironed out. B-man came home pretty happy with his day and fell right into routine of emptying the backpack, showing me the wads of paperwork I need to sign, and that this year they don't need parental signatures in their agenda on a daily basis, he's in grade 6 now you know, hehehe. That's fine, but I WILL be looking at it daily.....he's a great kid and student, but well he's a kid. I've forgotten to do something for work (good job I was able to wing it and think on my feet, LOL). We'll see how day 2 goes.

We have hockey tonight and Friday and I have a hockey meeting Thursday..........hmmm, detecting a theme here?

*PREVIEWS* (images are clickable)
yep some absolutely gorgeous kits coming down the pipe. Here are some new ones that I just love!

Shauna of Pineapple Plantation Designs and Kami of Ziggle Designs have teamed up to bring you a kit you could get for free! Yes you read correctly, free. All you have to do to be eligible is purchase either $10 from Shauna's store or $10 from Kami's store and this kit is all your! Good deal huh? Ran out of hours in the day to get a layout done with this one......hopefully tonight.

In other collab news Franziska Altmann and Monica, of Studio mgl have gottne together to bring you Free Spirit. Here's a layout I made using this great new kit.

My templates..............the links will no longer be active on my past templates after today. I will leave the link for this last one up until Sunday and then it will come down as well. I will be posting a freebie once a week, with work starting up again, my CT's and other duties I won't be able to keep up the pace of 2-3 a week.
Have a great day!!


JanMary said...

Just had our first days back at school too.

Lovely kits you previewed.

Barb said...

Mine started 6th grade last week too. Time goes fast, doesn't it?

schneeflocke said...

we too started, my girl had first day at kindergarten!

Creative Junkie said...

I love those colors in that first kit ... reminds me of autumn.

It's the first day of school here and I'm busy just sitting here doing NOTHING and loving every single second!