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Monday, September 22, 2008

Just thoughts and mindless chatter

The title pretty much says it, LOL. No real news to report just mindless ramblings.
Did some packing yesterday, my mom came over to give me a hand (kick in the butt to make sure I stuck with it actually). I have 3 boxes of give-away or yard sale items and a box of 'why do I still have this, it needs to go in the garbage', that's from the dining/back room and the kitchen. I am so dreading hitting the closets, especially the one in the spare bedroom/my computer room. *sigh* but I think I will be dumping a lot of that stuff, kwim?

Today hopefully I will get the news that I can go ahead and get started on getting me that condo. My mom is excited at the prospect of me coming 'home', by that I mean returning to my hometown which is an hour from where I am presently. Not only will I be back in town but in the same complex as my parents, different section of condos. We'll be close but far enough away, LOL. So if the phone call I am anticipating goes the way I need it to then I'm on my way to really starting over. Cross your fingers.

Anyone want a cat? Argghhhh, the 'thing' is driving me crazy!! He has like totally spazzed out, I'll walk by and he will attack my leg from behind, climbing up the doors, literally. Think he's gone coo coo. Whatever this is hopes it ends soon. I'm definitely thinking of having his claws removed. He's a year old so I'm hoping it's not too late.

Well there is my rambling for the day. I'm going to work on creating some papers, if they turn out decent I'll post them and hopefully those who read my blog will download them.

Have a great day!!!

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