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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Lappy to Me!

I did it!! Went and bought myself a laptop today on my lunch break. Didn't get the one I had planned on, got a 17"screen instead that was on clearance as it has Vista and they are making space for new models. I'm pretty pumped and really like it so far, although I can't find a bag to hold it.
Still figuring out Vista but I'm sure I'll get there in a day or two. Now to get PS installed and my goodies loaded up.


Lulutoo said...

Congratulations! I got my daughter a laptop sleeve at Amazon, so she can just put her 17" laptop in any bag and it will still be protected. It's by Built NY and the microdot pattern is way cheaper than the stripe for some reason. (Just be sure you are getting the 17" since they do make all sizes.)