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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Snow Day! Laptop Potential and Template

We actually had snow, I mean real snow. About 8" fell yesterday and overnight so it was all pretty and white this morning. B~man was happy when I told him the buses were cancelled and he could have a snow day as well. He is a walker so technically should be in school, but I figured he could enjoy the day and snow. Now me on the other hand had to go into school as we don't close our schools, well let's just say I think the last closure was 10 years ago. It was careful driving this morning but on the way home roads were good for the most part, some drifting due to open fields but I can deal with that.

While I'm off rambling I need to relay a story from my drive home a few days ago. Only driving down country roads will you experience this. I turn onto my nice long piece of straight county road (as in real hard to do the speed limit) and have to stop. Why do I have to stop? Well because there is a flock of wild turkey's crossing the road. Those suckers are HUGE and ugly too. Naturally they take their time, I do get my cell phone out and snap a picture but the quality is icky and I didn't zoom in enough. So there I sit laughing as I watch these things crossing in front of me very happy for having to stop for wildlife as opposed to a traffic jam or accident. I like the city for things like food, shopping and entertainment but am quite happy living in my little town with WalMart and Canadian Tire being the 'big box' stores.

Major excitement as the Olympics begin today!! Love watching the luge (which they don't show enough of imo), bobsled, ski jumping..............and the hockey of course. Survivor also starts tomorrow night so I am extra pumped. Amazing Race on Sunday, the Daytona 500! wow am I a TV junkie or what?!

Cross your fingers as I may take the jump and hopefully buy a laptop tomorrow. Hoping I find what I want in the price range I want. I won't give up my desktop as that is truly my preferred means but want the laptop for portability............ok so I can chat and watch the a fore mentioned Olympics, Survivor, Daytona 500 and Amazing Race ;)

Well I have a template for you if you'd like it. I was hoping to get a little mini Valentine's Day kit done but time just is not on my side. Plus I'm kind of Valentined out, I may come up with something if time permits but I'm not holding out hope, lol. Valentine's Day is really not a day I ever got in to, although I'll probably buy some mini cupcakes all decorated for B~man and I as an after dinner dessert.Click on image above or download: here


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tiggconn said...

Thank you for the template!

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Thanks, Jaye! This is an awesome template :)