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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Countdown Continues...Injury....Freebie Template

 First I want to say sorry about the 4Shared link, not sure why it is going all wonky.  I clicked on it and got an error message, then clicked a different time and it worked. So, I have just reuploaded the template from the other day to Box.net. I also have a new one for you at the end of the post :)
You can download it here: Random Circles


 My March break countdown continues......2 more sleeps!! We actually don't fly out for Florida until Sunday morning but are heading over the night before so I'm counting that as our official vacation start.

Injury...........first hospital visit due to hockey on Sunday.  B~man made a great play, a back check, a poke check around behind the net and BAM! Full steam into the boards.  I hated seeing him lay on the ice, usually he pops up right away but not this time.  I saw it happen so knew he had either knocked the wind out of himself or hurt his shoulder.  4 hours in ER in the town we were in and the result was a separated AC, we were sent home with a sling and a phone number for an orthopedic surgeon and notes for fracture clinic.  The latter part concerned and confused me.....I didn't understand the need for a surgeon and fracture clinic for a separation. Monday I called our doctor and it was recommended I attend our local hospital for follow up. Off we go for another visit to ER.......yep ready for another long day.  I explained what happened and why we were there.  New x-rays as they couldn't access the ones from the other hospital (makes no sense to me why not) and some more waiting.  It was ok though as we were sitting by some really nice people and a couple very friendly paramedics, made the time pass.  The results............same, a slightly separated shoulder but he only requires physiotherapy.......?? Why the difference?  I have no clue but I will take the second doctor's recommendation as he happens to be team doctor for the local junior team here............the team they get drafted to the NHL from, I'd wager a guess he knows a separated shoulder and appropriate treatment when he sees them, lol.

Kept B~man home yesterday for another day of rest, and I got my laundry done, bathroom scrubbed and living room dusted, he is also packed and ready..............I'm not though, tomorrow is when I'll get my stuff all pulled out.  Also have to make arrangements with the ex to get Meow-zilla (our cat) over to his place to watch while we are gone.

Here is another template for you and I hope the download works for you.  I have used Box.net again.
Download: In the Garden



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Thank you for the lovely templates. :)

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [11 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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Thank you so much!

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