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Friday, March 11, 2011

More Snow........Shoulder Update.....Insurance and Attack Cat

Seriously I am so over winter, bring on Spring.  Woke up this morning to 4" of snow, buses cancelled and flurries through out the day.  Just hoping for no weather problems tomorrow as we head over or Sunday, do not want a flight delay.

B~man's shoulder is feeling better.  He has full range in terms of raising his arm but certain movements are causing some pain.  First visit with the physiotherapist yesterday and all went well.  They gave him his exercises to work on while we are away so he can strengthen that shoulder and we have 2 appointments booked for when we get back.  Today I will be booking a doctor's appointment for when we return to see if he can get a return date to the ice.  Physiotherapist says it will probably be a few weeks, may be rest of season :(  but if he faithfully does his exercises and takes it easy he may be able to come back for the last few games.  We are hoping last week and this week plus the exercises will help speed the healing process.

Oh and we have to see the oral surgeon when we get back as well *sigh*  turns out the one tooth is coming in sideways and needs surgery in order to pull it out.  Poor guy.  His mouth will be beautiful when all done though and he has not complained one bit.  Matter of fact he smiles more with the braces then he did before, that makes me happy.

All I can say is thank goodness for insurance!  I am so fortunate to have benefits through my employer.  I would have done the braces regardless, just cut elsewhere, but it is nice to have a portion of it come back to me. We also have a yearly amount for Physiotherapy so that takes pressure off as well.  Now if only we could get some relief on the price of gas!

B~man has given the cat a new name..................Meow-zilla.  It cracks me up and I love it.  This all started the other night as we were sitting watching tv and the cat began attacking B~man's feet.  Every time he put them back on the floor the cat would come at them.  Now I think it is because his feet stunk thanks to this pair of skateboarding shoes that smell really bad and make his feet worse(they will one night just disappear). The cat was back at it again last night and I sometimes think my laughing eggs him on.  Oh well it is entertaining.  Now I ask, does this look like the face of a Meow-zilla?
He is a beautiful cat and I must add that quirky would be a good way to describe him.  You can only pet his head or under his chin.  He does not like belly rubs in any way, we know when he's angry with us as his ears go back and he squints.  On the plus side......he's quirky and does have a personality, just not always a sparkling one, lol.