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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where oh Where Have I Been?

Well so much for being more diligent at maintaining my blog! It's been sitting here half finished waiting to take Christmas down, and finally I got to it.
*Note to self--do not do a theme again.
Not much happening in real life..........well that would be a bit of a fib as I have had some excitement but not the good kind and we'll just leave it there. Let's just say it involves a certain someone who I no longer live with.
B~man is in the midst of playoffs for hockey and they are doing really well. They won the first game 5-0, second game was 5-0, third game was 2-0 and yesterday was 2-1. B~man is doing well in the scoring department also, with 5 goals, 4 assists and I of course have to mention this for him, 1 penalty.
All Things Scrappy........
I'm hoping to get a couple of templates finished and I may try my hand at some Valentine's Cards. That is if there is anyone out there who still comes to my blog (think there were 2 of you and I am grateful for you, lol).

Scrap Orchard is having an awesome sale from February 8th-14th..........I'm talking 30% off
*except Grab Bags and CU items.
It is also Sunny Sunday over at Sunshine Studio Scraps where you can get your hands on some fine designs for an awesome price!
I'm off to hopefully get something done.........................as in laundrey etc.